Differences Between 4 Extensions Available from Virgin Hair Companies

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Every girl dreams of having long, fabulous tresses like those on Real Housewives; however, most girls don’t have much experience with human hair extensions. Well, did you know that many hair salons offer consultation services? You can make an appointment at a hair salon to discuss with a professional what the best option for you is.

Before you walk in for your consultation appointment, it would help if you could do some prep work. Below are a few tips that will help you choose the right human hair weave for you.

For starters, you should know hair extensions are great for anyone who is looking to grow out a bad haircut or seeking to add volume or length to their hair. These extensions are great for disguising over-processed and damaged hair. Lastly, hair extensions also help women experiencing hair loss due to health conditions or medical treatments.

During your appointment with a hair extensions specialist, you will learn about a variety of hair extensions texture options. This ensures that your new virgin hair extensions match seamlessly with your own hair. Below are the four main hair textures that you will find marketed by top hair companies in 2018.

Peruvian Human Hair

Peruvian virgin hair extensions are extremely popular this year. The hair is considered as extremely durable, which allows you to style and curl it repeatedly for great results at every turn.

Also, Peruvian virgin hair extensions make for great multi-purpose hair that you can change styling and look without causing it too much damage. Plus, the hair is extremely soft to the touch and slightly silkier when compared to Brazilian hair. However, Peruvian hair is relatively rare, which makes it a more expensive option than other hair types.

Brazilian Human Hair

Another popular extension hair type is the Brazilian human hair. The hair is usually soft, thick and extremely durable. These qualities make it the best hair for just about any style you can think of – whether you prefer curly, wavy or straight styling.

Brazilian hair extensions are also capable of handling color very well, so if you purchase virgin Brazilian hair, you can color it to your favorite shade. The natural high-density nature of this hair makes it less likely to frizz, which is a huge bonus and you get to use fewer bundles for a full look.

Malaysian Human Hair

Another popular choice in the world of virgin hair products is the Malaysian hair. These hair extensions have a luxurious feel to them as well as a natural shine. However, the shine is permanent, since it fades to a natural shine after a couple of washes.

If you are into regular and fabulous curling of hair, then this is a great option. In general, the hair is naturally a nice dark brown color. Plus, like the Brazilian option, this hair is capable of handling color well, so you can go as color-crazy as you want!

Indian Human Hair

Indian virgin hair is highly regarded, high-quality hair in the world of beauty. The air is full of bounce, very light, air and easy to style. It comes in a natural straight and wave style and does not tangle, lose its natural wavy or straight look, or shed easily.


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Human hair weaves are great options for protecting your hair as they allow your own hair to grow as well as give it a break from hair products and heat damage. The sew-in weave options above allow you to color and style them in whichever way you like. However, it’s important that you take good care of your virgin hair weaves to get the best out of them.

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