Mental Health for Hairdressers

As hairdressers, putting the needs of your clients front has center has always been second nature. Now, the world’s current climate is calling for you to put yourself first. Your wellbeing inside and out is all that matters, and we want to ensure you have all the tools to put yourself first. Mental health awareness is more important than ever, the most important being, it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling right now because it will get better. The way one works on improving their mental health is different for all; what works for you may not work for someone else. Don’t worry, there is something for everyone!

Last week, we went live on Instagram with hairstylist, @wespine, to open up the discussion about mental health awareness in the hair community. In discussion, we went over what Wes is doing to clear his mind, and received tons of feedback from our viewers with what they’re doing the keep their spirits up! Here are some of our favorites:


Whether it’s an online workout, a masked run or bike ride, there’s nothing like endorphins to lift up your spirits. Elevate your mood by engaging in daily work outs like yoga, shadowboxing, core work, mat pilates, or any other forms of fitness that make you happy!

Clear space, clear mind

Wes let us in on what’s been bringing him joy this quarantine–cleaning and organizing! He expressed how much clearing his space, donating old clothes and knick knacks around the house has helped him pass the time and reduce the anxiety an untidy house brings. It’s true what they say about a clear space promoting a clearer mind!

Gardening & Plant Parenting

Say hello to the Spring and Summer of the green thumb! Bringing house plants into your space is not only an amazing way to care for a living thing, it also promotes mood, reduces stress, filters the air, and boosts productivity! Tired of all the grocery store runs? Start a vegetables and/or herb harden! Many vegetables and herbs survive thrive wonderfully in urban living conditions, some pots and sunlight is all you need!

Work on your branding and social media

We know it’s difficult to not be in the salon everyday. Working on your social media is a great way to revamp your branding and following until you get back into the salon. The productivity will keep you busy and feel rewarding as you help your business grow!

Bubble Baths & Treatments

Yes, it’s time for you to treat yourself! Hairdressers are some of the last to get pampered as they spend their days pampering their clients. Pop on an OLAPLEX treatment and fill up the tub for a relaxing spa experience. Both sunlight leaking daytime baths or candlelit baths do wonders for the soul. You deserve it!

Reading & Writing

Sometimes all we need is a little distraction; escape your mind by reading books! Books both nourish our minds and take us to a different place as we immerse ourselves into a story. Alternatively, pour your feeling out on paper. If you want to let it all out, keep a journal and let your thoughts flow!

Video & Phone calls with friends

With all this isolation, many of us are yearning to see our friends and family. Though the best thing for now is to stay safe at home, there are still ways to connect with your loved ones. Video calls have been a saving grace as we’re able to see many of our favorite people while still banding together to stay home and keep each other safe.

Art & Music

Another amazing outlet is to seek refuge in the arts. Whether it’s painting, collaging, watercolors, or drawing, art is an amazing way to lift the spirits by creating something beautiful. A song can also take us to a different place while evoking emotions just by listening.You can also opt to pick up a new instrument while you take the time to shelter in place!

Keep your hands in hair

If hair is what you crave to feel creative, consider investing in a doll head and brushing up on your technique! Be it cut or color, a doll head is an amazing way to feel the joy of creating something beautiful with hair. If a doll head is out of reach, work on yourself! Now is the time to finally work on some of those hair styling tutorials you’ve been wanting to try out!

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