How to Get a Blue Black Hair Color – Tips for Bleaching, Dyeing, & Maintaining


How to Get a Blue Black Hair Color? How to Care for Blue Black Hair?

It’s a bold move deciding to color your hair blue black. But how to get a blue black hair color? The process of coloring or dyeing your hair requires extra care and attention. Because if you don’t do it right, you might end up doing it all wrong. And when it comes to hair, ALL WRONG doesn’t sound like such a pleasant idea.

The blue black color combination can look very chic and sleek. At the same time, the blue black dye can also turn overly dramatic quickly. So it’s important to pick a blue black color that suits your particular skin tone and style. Be it a combination of blue and black hair, blue highlights, or all-over blue hair.

So here’s everything you might want to know about how to get a blue black hair color.

What Really Is Blue Black Hair?

As the words suggest, blue black hair color combines shades of dark blue and black. The result of this is a subtle, intense burst of beautiful color. You should know that the cool-toned dark blue shade looks jet black under certain light settings. At the same time, it also looks midnight blue or navy under other light conditions.

So if you’re not so fond of your black hair, then you’re free to experiment with the blue black color. What this combination does is add movement into your hair. So you don’t need to go for boring, common highlights in the case of all-black hair. I mean the midnight blue hair dye on black hair is in no way boring.

The trend of blue black mainly consists of blue black tresses. In fact, it’s one of the most wearable and practical ways of getting the look.

Blue Black Hair – Combination of Blue and Black

Think of sultry and dark with a bold, cool edge. If that sounds appealing to you, then you’re highly likely to appreciate the look of blue black hair. The color certainly looks chic yet subtle. It’s a good choice for both work and casual settings.

The best part about the combination of blue black hair is that it looks different under different light conditions. Whatever the appearance, the deep dark blue and black combination leaves the hair with an appealing shine and great depth.

Just make sure you pick a blue black hair dye that looks highly glossy. I would also recommend treating the hair before dyeing them. What this practice does is make your hair super-smooth. And it also prepares your hair to flaunt the new, bold color.

Blue Black Hair – Blue Highlights

Blue highlights are the best way to inject a little bit of color into your hair. You can pair these highlights with a deep version of blue black hair color. Think of the latter as the base, so the former can really shine through. Or you could just add blue highlights to your existing natural hair color. This is also a very appealing way of rejuvenating your current look.

The brightness of the highlights is bound to fade quickly. By quickly, I mean after just a few hair-washes. But until then, you can really make a statement.

Let me also bring to your attention that blue colored highlights are the best for layered hair. They do a wonderful job when it comes to adding texture and fullness to the layered style.

Blue Black Hair – All-Over Blue Look

To turn all heads, how about dyeing your hair blue completely? If you’re courageous enough to make that kind of statement, then go for it. You can experiment with the blue colors and then decide which one or ones work the best for your particular skin tone and hairstyle.

Those with a lighter complexion prefer dyeing their hair purple-blue. As for women with a more olive, darker skin tone choose a cooler, deep blue.

The all-over blue hair color looks exceptionally gorgeous on short and cropped hair. Such a hairstyle really makes the vivid color shine through for lifting your look.

How to Get Blue Black Hair Color – The Method

1. Bleach the Hair

Those with dark hair have to bleach them for achieving the color they desire. And if you have dark hair, then please note that hair dyes do not look the same on dark-colored hair than they do on lighter-shaded hair. This means you need to lighten the color of your hair in order to get the accurate shade.

Whatever bleaching kit you’re using, make sure to follow the instructions properly. “Every brand uses a slightly different set and quantity of ingredients,” says the beauty expert Lydia E. Millen from Skincare Top List, who has created and fact-checked this article. So it’s in your best interest to follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions.

For highlights, use foils for keeping your natural hair and colored hair away from each other.

Feel free to use a good color remover for getting rid of leftover dyes from your hair. What color removers do is eliminate the extra color pigments, thus leaving your natural hair alone.

Post-bleaching, use a high-quality, thorough-cleansing shampoo for getting rid of any leftover dye. And then condition the hair using a deeply nourishing conditioning formula. Moisturizing your hair with the help of a good conditioner is very important at this point.

2. Dye the hair

Dyeing hair 101 always includes protecting your skin first. So start by applying a little bit of petroleum jelly. You can apply it on your forehead, closer to the hair. Petroleum jelly keeps the skin around your hair and scalp from getting stained.

Speaking of which, use gloves for application. And also put on old clothes because you don’t want to run the risk of the dye staining your new or expensive item of clothing. And lastly, this is kind of the most important one, pick a blue black hair dye of your choice.

Every hair dye offers its own set of instructions. So make sure you follow them strictly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the color of your choice. And if it’s your first time doing this, there’s no harm in dyeing a patch of hair first.

  • You begin by washing your hair with a good shampoo. Skip using the conditioner of course.

  • Blend the dye depending on the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

  • Now it’s time to apply the dye. When dyeing the hair blue completely, start from the ends of your hair. You don’t want your roots to flaunt a different shade now, do you?

  • Coat all your hair. Make sure you apply the dye thoroughly.

  • Don’t hesitate to include hair clips for separating parts of your hair during application.

In the case of highlights, you can use foils for keeping your natural, uncolored hair away from the colored bit.

  • Once you’ve applied the dye all over thoroughly, let the formulation sit in your hair. Follow the time mentioned on the packaging. You can cover hair using a plastic cover or shower cap. Just make sure it doesn’t absorb the hair dye.

  • After the stated time is up, rinse off the dye using cold water. Most hair dyes come with a set of shampoo and conditioner. So use them.

  • Keep rinsing till the color stops bleeding and the water is clear.

  • Now let your hair air-dry.

How to Maintain Blue Black Hair Color

Here are some very useful tips you might want to keep in mind after dyeing your hair blue black…

  • Buy and use only color-safe shampoos and conditioners for your treated hair.

  • Incorporate hair masks into your haircare routine. You can apply it post-shampoo. Leave it in your hair for around 3-5 minutes, then rinse off.

  • Blue black hair looks the best when it’s shining and shimmering. So, for that, feel free to use a high-shine hair spray.

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of touch-ups at the salon. Your hair roots grow every 8 weeks. So if you want to maintain the all-over blue hair color, then salon touch-ups are necessary.

The End

The blue black hair color is perfect for those who want to dye their hair dark but with dimension. The sad truth about the majority of deep shades is that they end up making your hair look flat. And by flat, I mean one-dimensional. But that’s not happening with blue black hair color. This particular bold shade adds depth, movement, and interest to your hair.

And the best part is that the darkest blue black hair dye or any other shade of blue black is easily available these days. I mean every best blue black hair dye 2019 list is loaded with high-quality formulas that your hair and its appearance are bound to appreciate.

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