Our appearance says more than we imagine about ourselves. The message we send can open or close doors.

Your self-care declares your self-esteem or lack thereof. The visual image is much more shocking than simple words.

It makes no sense to say that you are excited if your appearance only confirms discouragement and failure. Your negative feelings are always reflected on your exterior, even if it is only noticeable in the details.

More than just smiling.  Whether your joy is real or not, It will be noticeable in the way you take care of yourself. People who love himself often give their best in everything they do because they believe in themselves. And this self-love is proven by the way to embellish, educate and seek to overcome in all aspects.

Basic care such as care your nails and arranging your hair and caring for your teeth and clothing demonstrates self-esteem and willingness to prepare to meet daily challenges. Your appearance tells you more than you can imagine. Someone who suffers from depression usually does not care much about personal care.  These people generally do not tend to produce results in the company due to their low self esteem.

If you want to demonstrate your personal and professional potential, make sure that your appearance will declare your positives, not the other way around.

If you want to impress others, the first step is to take care of yourself, hair, skin, teeth, weight, fitness. A vain person is synonymous with persistence and courage, because only those who believe in their own potential invest in themselves.

So, the next time you think about beauty and personal care think about how this can positively change your opportunities and leverage your life. Remember, sometimes we have only one chance, and the first impression is the one that stays.

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