Straining Fresh Food Glycerites: Two Results From One Batch

Above, the beginning of a glycerite with fresh raspberries. To get the most out of fresh fruits, I generally crush them before adding glycerine. Some fresh foods – such as these raspberries – are easily mashed with a spoon, while others are chopped in a grinder/chopper first.
Once the glycerine is added, this mixture is going to look a lot like a raspberry coulis.
While this method makes for a potent (and immensely fragrant glycerite), straining can be a challenge if you want a see-through and uncloudy end product.
Today, I’m going to give you a little glycerite straining tip that gives you the best of both worlds.

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How To: Brightening Face and Hand Mask

Valentines Day is coming up, and to celebrate, may I suggest we apply things to our face, neck and hands that make us look fabulous, will brighten and freshen our skin, and add a little toning and firming action while we’re at it?

Good, I’m glad you’re with me.

I apologize for the slightly out of focus picture but as you might guess – I had to employ a little help to get this photo. My hands were busy being mask models and were unable to touch much without spreading ‘maskiness’ all over, the photographer was not at all used to taking pictures, and to make matters worse, he kept giggling at the subject.

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Are Preservatives Necessary in Solid Conditioners and Shampoo Bars? A Test Begins

Today, we’re going to take a look at a little test I was inspired to undertake late last year because of the seemingly endless amount of confusion about whether or not preservatives are necessary in solid conditioner and shampoo bars.

In my own formulas, preservatives are not required.

If you’re thinking I make some kind of amazing magical formulas that no one else on the planet has ever thought of before and probably ever will again, you would be incorrect.

(sorry if I just burst a bubble)

I would go so far as to maintain that anyone making conditioner and shampoo bars in a similar way to the way I make mine, will not need to add preservatives.

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What to Do When Your Infused Oil Goes Bad

We’re going to start off the New Year with ‘a few things that go wrong’. Some of the examples of failed things I will be sharing with you in coming posts have been accidental, but a great deal of them have been entirely intentional.

Believe it or not, today’s fail took a surprisingly long time to achieve, and to me, it’s a success!

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How To: Rich Winter Facial Serum

If you’re new to the blog, you may not be aware that I am Scandinavian.

Well, I am.

My roots are a mix of Danish and Norwegian, which places me squarely in the Scandinavian category. We Nordic folks tend to both love and hate our part of the world. Our summers are gloriously light and filled with non-stop celebration of the sun and warmth. In summer, it stays light until 11:00 pm in my neck of the woods, dims briefly to twilight, then starts getting light again at 2:00 am. (seriously – how cool is that?!)

But on the other hand, there is winter.

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Essential Oils in the Bath – Here’s How

Imagine having an entire collection of customizable bath product formulas created specifically to function as the base for YOUR fabulous essential oil blends.

Hint: it’s pictured right up there.

My latest publication is inspired by all you fab folks who work with essential oils!

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How to: Fresh Enzyme Hand Mask

Pictured: a previously undiscovered hand model sporting the latest in fresh-food mask fashion. Even though there isn’t much in the way of eye candy here, I’ll bet you are going to want to make and use this gunky concoction more than once.

It’s a hand mask.

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How to: Salt and Pepper Shower Shaker

I’ve been making loads of bath products this year – partly for the course I taught this summer and partly for another project I’ll be sharing with you soon (insert little squeal of excitement because I’m almost bursting at the seams!)

In between everything else I have been working on, a few side projects have popped into being. Today, I’m going to show you how to make something a little different: a salt and pepper shower shaker.

I know this sounds a little weird, but stick with me and all shall be revealed.

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How to Make a Sulphate Free ‘Poo’ Soap

Look what I made! This ‘poo’ is an easy to make moldable soap that I couldn’t resist turning into this shape while getting acquainted with the properties of the star ingredient – disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate.

I’ve been testing out a few surfactants over the summer and this one is gentle enough for sensitive skin and quite versatile to boot!

Using this sulphate free surfactant (and a few additional ingredients), you can pretty much make any shape (and color) soapy cleanser you like. It’s perfect for gifts because you can really personalize the product and amaze and delight everyone with your creative talents.

Today, I’m going to show you how you how I made this poo.

(insert little snicker)

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