Salon New Normal & Tips for Limiting Exposure

One of our favorite things about the hair community is its resilience. Hairdressers are some of the hardest working people on the planet, constantly wowing us with their inventive ways to thrive their businesses by pushing the envelope. This resilience will make what will be, a new salon life moving forward. So, what does that mean exactly and what are some ways salon services and flow will change? In addition to cleanliness and safety (read our last article here), we are looking at ways that keep both you and your clients safe during this pandemic.

This means limited exposure and taking to express services. Now, we know what some may be thinking, and no this doesn’t mean rush your work! What is suggested, is to find corners that can be cut from in-person contact so you can focus on the service at hand. Right, so let’s get to it! It’s okay to not feel okay about a change like this. We know you can do it though and you’ll do the absolute best to make this work for the safety of yourself and those around you!

Some suggestions and practices we’ve encountered for express services:

Have your client wash their hair prior to their appointment. 

Coming in with clean damp hair eliminates time at the bowl for both you and your client. Naturally, we understand you may need to do this yourself at some point for color services… but if it’s at all avoidable, like in the instance of haircuts and styling, implementing this when possible could save time and lives. Remember, you’re already adding 10-15 minutes before and after every client to clean and sanitize. This could be an amazing way to actually spend more quality time with your client!

Virtual Hair Consultations

The consultation is one of the most important parts of a service. For many clients, this is a time they want to be heard, and find support in a new look they’ve been spending much time thinking about. For many hairdressers, this means some consultations are lengthier than others in order to get on the same page about your client’s hair history, desires, and expectations. This is a great opportunity to devote time to your client, without the added risk of contact. Set up a well-lit digital video consultation with them to go over their needs. That way, when they come into the salon you both are on the same page!

Online Retail

Consider this easy time-saver. Putting all your retail products into a webshop! With each client, you could e-mail or message them prior to their appointment on what you suggest for their take-home products and give them a direct link to your webshop for them to purchase. They can have their products paid for and packaged to pickup at there appointment! At OLAPLEX we have an amazing affiliate program that helps you earn 35% commission with every product sold so don’t miss out on that either!

Mandatory Mask Usage & Disposables

In addition to the safety suggestions and guidelines listed in our last post, stocking yourself up on safety disposables is a great way to limit exposure. Although it should be mandatory your client comes in with a mask on, stock up on disposable masks for emergencies as well as yourself should you choose to change your mask after each client. Another fabulous way to omit unnecessary contact is by switching temporarily to disposable capes for services. We know so little still about the novel coronavirus, and though contracting the virus from soft surfaces like clothing is lower risk than hard surfaces like metal, best practices should be in place to ensure you’re doing all you can to keep safe.

Express Service Tips

Express services can mean anything from cutting downtime on a haircut by skipping a blow-dry or style out, or even by sending your client home with an OLAPLEX treatment on for them to wash out later. We encourage you to find ways in your own salon to flatten the curve by doing what you can to give your clients an amazing cut, color, or texture service with their safety in mind.

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Mental Health for Hairdressers

As hairdressers, putting the needs of your clients front has center has always been second nature. Now, the world’s current climate is calling for you to put yourself first. Your wellbeing inside and out is all that matters, and we want to ensure you have all the tools to put yourself first. Mental health awareness is more important than ever, the most important being, it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling right now because it will get better. The way one works on improving their mental health is different for all; what works for you may not work for someone else. Don’t worry, there is something for everyone!

Last week, we went live on Instagram with hairstylist, @wespine, to open up the discussion about mental health awareness in the hair community. In discussion, we went over what Wes is doing to clear his mind, and received tons of feedback from our viewers with what they’re doing the keep their spirits up! Here are some of our favorites:


Whether it’s an online workout, a masked run or bike ride, there’s nothing like endorphins to lift up your spirits. Elevate your mood by engaging in daily work outs like yoga, shadowboxing, core work, mat pilates, or any other forms of fitness that make you happy!

Clear space, clear mind

Wes let us in on what’s been bringing him joy this quarantine–cleaning and organizing! He expressed how much clearing his space, donating old clothes and knick knacks around the house has helped him pass the time and reduce the anxiety an untidy house brings. It’s true what they say about a clear space promoting a clearer mind!

Gardening & Plant Parenting

Say hello to the Spring and Summer of the green thumb! Bringing house plants into your space is not only an amazing way to care for a living thing, it also promotes mood, reduces stress, filters the air, and boosts productivity! Tired of all the grocery store runs? Start a vegetables and/or herb harden! Many vegetables and herbs survive thrive wonderfully in urban living conditions, some pots and sunlight is all you need!

Work on your branding and social media

We know it’s difficult to not be in the salon everyday. Working on your social media is a great way to revamp your branding and following until you get back into the salon. The productivity will keep you busy and feel rewarding as you help your business grow!

Bubble Baths & Treatments

Yes, it’s time for you to treat yourself! Hairdressers are some of the last to get pampered as they spend their days pampering their clients. Pop on an OLAPLEX treatment and fill up the tub for a relaxing spa experience. Both sunlight leaking daytime baths or candlelit baths do wonders for the soul. You deserve it!

Reading & Writing

Sometimes all we need is a little distraction; escape your mind by reading books! Books both nourish our minds and take us to a different place as we immerse ourselves into a story. Alternatively, pour your feeling out on paper. If you want to let it all out, keep a journal and let your thoughts flow!

Video & Phone calls with friends

With all this isolation, many of us are yearning to see our friends and family. Though the best thing for now is to stay safe at home, there are still ways to connect with your loved ones. Video calls have been a saving grace as we’re able to see many of our favorite people while still banding together to stay home and keep each other safe.

Art & Music

Another amazing outlet is to seek refuge in the arts. Whether it’s painting, collaging, watercolors, or drawing, art is an amazing way to lift the spirits by creating something beautiful. A song can also take us to a different place while evoking emotions just by listening.You can also opt to pick up a new instrument while you take the time to shelter in place!

Keep your hands in hair

If hair is what you crave to feel creative, consider investing in a doll head and brushing up on your technique! Be it cut or color, a doll head is an amazing way to feel the joy of creating something beautiful with hair. If a doll head is out of reach, work on yourself! Now is the time to finally work on some of those hair styling tutorials you’ve been wanting to try out!

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10 habits for highly successful hair

It’s usually quite easy to spot a successful woman. Her attire is perfectly pressed, nails masterfully manicured, and makeup expertly applied. She oozes self-confidence, walking with her head held high. And, upon that head, rests a mane of healthy, shiny hair. Yes, this is a woman who takes the time to care for herself from the tips of her Jimmy Choo shoes to the part in her glorious coif. 

How to get healthy hair

Is your coif not living up to your expectations? Is it failing to exhibit an air of success? It may need a health boost. Unfortunately, when it comes to a self-care regime, our parts are not treated equally. While we lovingly slather our bodies and faces with soothing creams and ointments, we are far less kind to our hair. Blasting it with heat, ripping apart tangles, and subjecting it to a huge array of impossible-to-pronounce chemicals is just a regular day’s work for your frazzled follicles. But, if we truly want to exemplify an image of success, we need to learn how to get healthy hair. And this means treating our tresses to a tad more tenderness. 

Here are 10 habits for highly successful people hair. 

How to get healthy hair

1. Run to (but not with) scissors

While snipping your strands may not seem like an act of kindness, doing so will help conquer your follicles’ number one enemy: split ends. After all, split ends not only make your hair look brittle and uncared for, but they also lead to breakage. Regular trims will keep your ends healthy, while giving the illusion that it is growing faster. And let’s face it. We all want know how to get long healthy hair and now we know the answer is simple. Snip it. 

How to get healthy hair

2. Slumber on silk

Your current cotton pillowcase is not as innocent as it appears. In fact, it wreaks havoc on your tresses every single night. It’s time to relegate this follicle foe to the linen closet and adopt a slippery silk one, instead. New York physician, Jesleen Ahluwalia, explains that silk helps prevent tangles and breakage, enabling your hair to retain its healthy appearance and long length. Plus, nothing will make you feel more successful than a night ensconced in the luxuriousness of silk. 

3. Befriend your bristles…but not the plastic ones

If you have ever wondered how to get thick healthy hair, you must look to the Disney princess for advice. How do they achieve their thick, lustrous locks? It’s all the brushing they do. Your 100 brushstrokes each night—with or without an ensemble of singing cartoon animals perched on your shoulder—will ensure that your hair’s natural oils will be more evenly distributed throughout your scalp, preventing possible damage. Lucy Flora, stylist at Frederic Fekkai in New York City, warns against using plastic brushes as they can break your hair strands. Plastic is also non-conductive, which means your hair will have much more static. A ceramic brush or boar-bristle option is preferred. 

How to get healthy hair

4. Show your scalp some love

It is impossible to achieve healthy hair without a healthy scalp, so it is important to use products that keep your scalp moisturizedespecially if you are a fan of hats. Scalp massages are perfect for stimulating blood flow and boosting follicle health. If your significant other is an excellent provider of back rubs, you may want to ask them to move their hands north and give you a scalp massage, instead. Another option is investing in a scalp massager. They are, after all, always present and willing to perform. 

5. Take a deep breath and de-stress

Stress takes a toll on your whole body, including your hair. In fact, too much stress over a long period of time can actually make your beloved follicles jump ship, leading to rapidly thinning hair. It is important to ensure that you learn stress management techniques such a meditation, yoga, taking a personal day, or spending time with loved ones. Your hair will thank you. 

How to get healthy hair

6. Loosen up those tresses

When it comes to wearing your hair up, never ever use a rubber band. They are for holding broccoli spears together — not delicate follicles. And clips with metal fasteners are a big no-no too. Instead, opt for a scrunchie or a material-covered band that won’t pull at your strands. Redken also recommends eschewing tight ponytails, braids, or buns as these can weaken hair. A looser updo is much more follicle-friendly. 

7. Become acquainted with oil

Introducing your mane to a hair-healthy oil is great for both moisturizing your follicles and your scalp. Whether you opt for an oil of the olive, coconut, argon, or almond variety, your hair will absolutely thank you. Make sure you spread it evenly throughout your locks, ensuring that the tips get their fare share. Just remember — don’t use too much or you’ll end up using a gallon of shampoo to get it out, which defeats the whole purpose. 

How to get healthy hair

8. Go grocery shopping…for your hair

If you have ever wondered how to get hair healthy naturally without relying on drugstore brands and multisyllabic chemicals, you need only look to your pantry. Applying mashed bananas to your hair for about 15 minutes helps repair damaged follicles, mayonnaise can provide deep-conditioning within an hour, butter will add much needed moisture, mashed avocado can add shine, and washing your hair in beer will make locks more lustrous. Yes, there is no need for a factory-made hair treatment that costs a small fortune when you have the perfect hair solution collecting dust in your cupboard. Be warned: hungry people may be tempted to lick your head. 

9. A healthy diet = healthy hair

If you want your hair to exude good health, you need to give it the right building blocks. Protein, omega-3, and biotin are all necessary to achieve long, thick, healthy hair. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and drinking water are all important in promoting strong hair. It is also important to ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals, paying special attention to vitamins B, C, and D, zinc, and iron. If your diet is lacking, you may want to turn to supplements from your local health food store. 

How to get healthy hair

10. Keep a cool head

Have you ever felt the top of your head after a long blow dry session? It’s almost as hot as pavement on a July day. Your poor hair has, basically, been sizzled up and left to simmer. Cosmetic Chemist, Ni’Kita Wilson, recommends hitting the cold-shot button on your hair dryer to cool your hair down instantly. This will not only make your head feel better, but it will prevent ongoing follicle damage. 

Now that you know how to get healthy hair, it’s time to spring into action. Whether you opt to slather your head in mashed bananas, beg your spouse for a scalp massage, or simply opt for a set of hair extensions, your hair needs to be treated with love. Say goodbye to a mane that’s merely “meh” and give a big hello to glorious locks that let everyone know who you really are: a highly successful woman who is poised to conquer the world and make her dreams come true. 

Fractionated Coconut Oil vs Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides vs Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

While teaching this course last summer, an interesting question popped up from one of the students.

We were discussing oils, one of which was fractionated coconut oil.

Apart from the question being as long as a son-of-a-gun, it’s a really great query:
‘What’s the difference between Caprylic/capric triglycerides, fractionated coconut oil and MCT (medium chain triglycerides)?’

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Memorial Day Hues

We’re all about the hues red white and blue! This Memorial Day, we’re looking back on some of our favorite patriotic colors to celebrate the lives of those who fought for our colors! It just so happens that the three of these colors have their own special needs, all starting with healthy hair. How can you help your red color thrive without the quick face? What kind of maintenance does platinum hair really require? How can OLAPLEX help with vivid colors?


Did you know that red is one of the hardest colors to remove from hair? We have seen countless corrective color transformations from red to platinum, brunette, blonde, to rainbow done with OLAPLEX that would make you think it was easy. For those true to their vibrant reds, here are some of our favorite tips to keep the fire thriving:

Use OLAPLEX in direct dyes.

Wash with cool water.

Wash hair less often.

Do OLAPLEX No.3 treatments, because the healthier hair is, the longer color lasts!

Avoid heat! Thermal styling tools rapidly quicken the fading process. The more you wear your hair in natural styles, the better!

It doesn’t get much more fire than this:

Photo by Allyssa Rae


Ah, platinum. How we love a good snow queen! One of the most common situations that arise with platinum color, is how to get a true platinum hue and how to maintain platinum hair once you have it. Achieving platinum is a major commitment for clients. There are several factors that play into whether this shade is right for them, which are cost, time, and maintenance. Is a client able to commit to having their roots done no more than every 6 weeks? Is the cost of the service and and maintaining the service sustainable? Does the person have the time for regular upkeep at home with OLAPLEX treatments, moisture treatments, gentle styling, etc? If the answer to one of these is no, you may want to consider different options. You and your colorist can certainly decide on a lovely blonde look that works for your lifestyle!

What about that true icy platinum? How many times have you worked on a client and it’s come out just straight yellow? Many expert colorists, like OLAPLEX Ambassador Chad Kenyon, of the Ramirez Tran Salon in Beverly Hills recommend lifting past the level of desired lift to ensure zero brassiness especially during the fade out process.

These platinum tones are white hot:

Photo Madeline Marissa Mansel


Oh how we love our vivid colors. Blue is one that looks dreamy in all its starry night glory and absolutely luscious in pastel. You can’t go wrong with the blues. To achieve any vivid look, start with the healthiest canvas possible. Have clients treat their hair with OLAPLEX No.3 prior to any color service and of course use OLAPLEX No.1 to rebuild bonds in the hair and No.2 to dilute your direct dyes!

Some of our favorite blues:

Photo by Steven Austin
Photo by Jessica Powers

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How the VoiceOfHair Loyalty Rewards Program Works

We all love free rewards, right? Well, I don’t know about you but I can always appreciate rewards especially for doing things that I was already going to do. To be honest, this is how I feel when I get rewards from the brands that I love:

How the VoiceofHair Loyalty Rewards Program Works

Here at VoiceOfHair, we love to reward our amazing community and customers. Today, I am going to show you how the VoiceOfHair Loyalty Rewards Program works.

What is the VoiceOfHair Loyalty Rewards Program?

The VoiceOfHair loyalty rewards program is our way of saying thank you for shopping with us. As a growing, family-owned, black-business our loyalty rewards program is one of the many ways that we say thank you to our amazing community and customers.

How does the VoiceOfHair Loyalty Rewards Program Work?

It is very simple, for every $1 that you spend with VoiceOfHair you will be rewarded $5 of VoiceOfHair Crew Cash. Once you accrue enough rewards you can cash them in for discounts on future purchases. Plus, you can easily earn points for simply signing up for an account, sharing us on your Facebook page, letting us know when your birthday is, and for referring your friends.

How the VoiceOfHair Loyalty Rewards Program Work

Who is the VoiceOfHair Loyalty Rewards Program For?

This program is for you. Whether this is your 1st or 10th time shopping with us, you can earn Crew Cash.

How do I get started?

It is a simple and very quick process to get started with the VoiceOfHair Rewards Program. Sign up now, it will take you less than 15 seconds. If you’ve purchased before, be sure to use the email that you checked out with. All you need to do is sign up for an account here:

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6 Children’s Books to Help Your Black Child Love Their Hair

If you’re like most parents who are trying to persevere through this new new norm of homeschooling you may already be feeling weary. However, one thing that you may want to do is incorporate more story time books into your child’s daily routine. In order to assist you we created a list of 6 children’s books to help your black child love their hair. These books will educate your young king or queen on the uniqueness of their hair while boosting their self-confidence.

#1 Bedtime Bonnet

Bedtime Bonnet by Nancy Redd

by Nancy Redd  (Author), Nneka Myers  (Illustrator)

This joyous and loving celebration of a family is the first-ever of picture books to highlight Black nighttime hair traditions. This book is perfect for every little girl who knows what it’s like to lose her bonnet just before bedtime. Couple this with some education on different cultures and you have the perfect afternoon lesson.

#2 What Are You Gonna Do With That Hair

by Ndija Anderson-Yantha  (Author), Dylan Gnitecki (Author), Kaela Beals (Illustrator)

This book encourages your baby girl to celebrate the beauty and versatility of her natural hair and learn the rich history of natural hairstyles.  In this book, the main people often ask the main character, Zuri, “What are you gonna do with that hair?” Zuri finds the answer in her cultural hair-itage and shows she can sculpt and shape her curls and coils into beautiful works of African art—braids, ‘locks, bantu knots—in other words, whatever she wants! This makes a perfect pair for a history lesson.

#3 Bippity Bop Barbershop

Book - Bippity Bop Barbershop by Natasha Tarpley

by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley (Author), E. B. Lewis (Illustrator)

This is the companion book to the bestselling “I Love My Hair!, ” which we will highlight later in this article. This story takes place when a young boy, Miles, makes his first trip to the barbershop with his father. With the support of his dad, the barber, and the other men in the barbershop, Miles bravely sits through his first haircut. This is an awesome way to introduce self-care and upkeep to your growing son.

#4 Emi’s Curly Coily, Cotton Candy Hair

emis curly coily cotton candy hair 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Author: Tina Olajide 

This is a fun story that teaches basic natural hair care techniques and tips in a playful and memorable way. In this story Emi shares a positive message about her Curly, Coily, Cotton Candy Hair and what she likes most about it. This book will teach your little princess early on, how to care for her mane.

#5 I love my hair!

I love my hair!

by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley (Author), E. B. Lewis (Illustrator)

“I Love My Hair!” captures the realistic relationship of a child growing up with their natural hair, and all of the struggles that come along with it. This book offers a relatable perspective along with positive affirmations throughout. This book is the perfect way to introduce self-love and build high esteem into your little black girl.

#6 All Hair is Good Hair

by Annagjid Kee Taylor (Author), Karibo (Illustrator)

This book shares a story of a little girl struggling with accepting her own hair as beautiful. In the book, ten year old Samaya believes she has “bad hair” and shares this with her mother. In a culture saturated with digitally altered photos and videos, raising girls with high self-esteem can be scary. But Samaya’s mother is determined to instill self-love and influence her both by what she says and what she does. In this book, Samaya reveals the events that lead her to acknowledging that All Hair Is Good Hair. This book is a must for any child who may fall into the “comparison trap” of hair.

Have you read any of the above books? If so, which was your child’s favorite?

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5 Easy HairStyles You Can Do During Quarantine

Even with some states starting to reopen, for many people social distancing is still in full effect due to COVID-19. As a result of this, women are having to find creative ways to maintain healthy hair during quarantine. If you are in need of some easy hair styles to wear during quarantine, we have created a list of 5 Easy Hairstyles you can do during quarantine.

#1 Wand Curls

Curls are a girl’s best friend and an easy hairstyle to do! You can create some beautiful hairstyles with wand curls, including tightly defined curls and loose curls.  Wand curls is a  easy way to maintain your hair and even freshen up an old silk press.

#2 Head Wrap

If you are looking for a quick and easy hair style, then you are going to love doing head wraps.  Head wraps are great for protecting  your hair and keeping a simple look for a quick run to the store. If you don’t know how to tie a head wrap, it is no problem. Here are 8 head wrap cheat sheets if you do not know how to tie one.

#3 Perm Rods

The perm rod set is a simple yet versatile protective style for all hair types. This style can be worn on almost any hair lengths, from tapered cuts to bra strap lengths. Here is an 8-step guide on how to use the perm rod on your hair. Regardless of your hair length, this is an easy hair style you can do during quarantine.

#4 Ponytail

Ponytails are a classic and easy hair style that you can always wear. I know for so many women that ponytails are the best go-to style. Ponytails are very easy to do during quarantine or even taking a cute Instagram selfie.

#5 Flat Twist

Flat twists are a super-versatile look that can be customized to fit anyone. You can wear flat twists as a super-chic updo, back into a bundle of curls, or even around your whole head. I love that flat twist are easy enough for you to do that pretty much anyone can do this style. If you do not know how to do a flat twist, here are some steps.

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