How to grow out your hair color (when you can’t get to the salon)

Being in quarantine has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you have extra time to sleep in, get a workout in before work, and even take up a new hobby. On the other hand, your beauty routines may suffer as hair and nail salons remain closed. What’s a girl to do? If you have highlights or were looking to go back to your natural hair color for the spring, you may have come to realization that you’re going to have to grow out your hair color all on your own, without your trusty colorist to guide the way. No problem though, that’s why we’re here.

Growing out highlights

The good news? Going back to your natural hair color will do wonders for your pocketbook and hair health. No longer with you have to slather your scalp in harsh chemicals and fork over good money for the privilege. And don’t worry. If you live in fear of that awkward transition phase, we have you covered. Here are some tips on how to successfully navigate your color change and come out of quarantine with a whole new hair color.

Before you embark on any drastic hair color change, it is important to do a few key things first. You need to begin by developing a plan and preparing yourself for a transition phase, and ensuring that you possess realistic expectations. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. And, your return to your natural hue will take time as well. 

growing out highlights

How to grow out highlights

If you have been highlighting your hair for years and want to break the habit, there is good news. You can grow out highlights with very little effort at all! 

Begin by letting your hair grow for a few months until much of your natural shade has returned. Remember, your natural shade may have changed over the years, so don’t assume that you know exactly what it is, particularly if you have been adding highlights for eons. It is also recommended that you get your ends trimmed to remove all of your split and over-processed bits—while you can’t make it to the salon, skip this bit until things are back to normal. In a few months, your highlights will gradually grow out and you will be left with a much healthier mane in your natural hue. Easy, right? 

Growing out highlights

If your highlights start at the top of your scalp or you simply don’t have the patience to grow them out, you do have another option. Garnier offers that you could opt to introduce lowlights in a shade closer to your natural color every 8 weeks until the highlights are completely gone. 

Are your highlights drastically lighter than your natural hue? If so, plan to visit your colorist for a tint back—otherwise known as filling or re-pigmenting. This is when color is applied to your hair to restore the lost pigments that make up your desired darker shade. It sounds like a complicated process, but your trusted hair professional will know exactly what to do. 

Do you love your highlights but hate the effort and expense involved in maintaining them? Well, you don’t have to kiss your beloved splashes of light goodbye. You can, instead, use lighter colored hair extensions to create the exact same effect. If you aren’t sure if your current highlight hue is the right one for you, you will want to check out this handy guide to choosing the best highlights for your undertones.

Growing out highlightsSeamless Dirty Blonde Highlights Luxy Hair extensions

Bye Bye Balayage, Adios Ombré

One of the nicest things about balayage is the fact that you can grow it out naturally and look great in the process. Why? Royal and celebrity hairdresser, Richard Ward, explains that there are no strong re-growth lines, making it grow out beautifully. Furthermore, little maintenance is required as the color doesn’t start at the roots.

Once you have a grown out balayage, you may miss it. If you really love your balayage look, but want to avoid chemicals and repeated hair salon visits, you can achieve the same style with balayage hair extensions.

Growing out highlightsBlonde Balayage, Dirty Blonde Highlights Luxy Hair Extensions

Ombré is another easy-to-grow-out style due to its natural transition from one hue to another. Simply let it grow out and maintain regular trimmings. And here’s some good news. It has been said that ombré can even look better the more it grows out, creating the appearance of naturally sun-kissed ends. If you really want a drastic change, you may even be able to have the ombré cut out and rock a shorter hairstyle. 

Going back to your natural hair color

If you have been sporting a shade that is a huge departure from your natural hue, don’t dismay. There are ways to make the transition from light to dark and vice versa without resorting to lopping it all off. 

How to grow out bleached hair

Have you grown weary of maintaining fair locks? Keeping up platinum blonde or other equally light shades can be a tedious endeavor, especially when your natural hair color is dark. You do have options, however, that will enable you to kick the dyeing habit and embrace the color God gave you. 

For this one, you may want to wait until you have access to a hair salon before going the full mile, as it is extremely important that you discuss how to dye bleached hair back to your natural hair color with an experienced professional. After all, you cannot simply dye over pale blonde hair. In fact, you can expect it to take four coats of color for your follicles to absorb the darker shade. If you do opt to go this route, it is important to realize that the sudden switch from light blonde to dark brown may be a shock to both you and those around you. 

Should you decide to go for a more gradual change, you could add some lowlights closer to your natural dark color. Another option is to add shadow roots—a technique that stretches dye naturally from your roots to the tips of your hair. Ideally, that dye should be as close to your natural hair color as possible. This enables you to grow out your hair color easily while remaining on trend. The good news? While waiting for your salon to open, your hair will gradually grow out, adopting a shadow root all on its own. Own it, rock it, and pretend you meant for your hair to look this way.

Growing out highlights

Another option is to simply let your light hair grow out naturally, adopting the popular ombré style. Ombré is, after all, the gradual fading of one color to anotherwhich is exactly what happens when you’re growing out hair dye. Yes, that awkward “in between” color phase will make you the epitome of fashionable and make your dark roots appear intentional. 

Growing out dark roots with light hair

Do you long to shed your dark tresses and embrace your naturally fair hair? As long as you avoid a few major faux pas, you will be able to pull this off without a problem. Begin by stepping away from the bleach. And don’t even think about reaching for a bottle of light blonde hair dye. If you aren’t interested in simply letting it grow out, you will need the assistance of a trusted hair professional. Remember, reaching for the dye bottle could leave your hair looking patchy and could potentially make your hair turn green.

Growing out highlights

Your stylist may wish to introduce a color that is lighter than your dyed color, but darker than your natural shade and temper it with a few highlights until your transition is complete. Another option is to have them lift the dark hue with a color remover. If you can’t make it to a salon, hoewever, master hair colorist at New York’s Eddie Arthur Salon, Stephanie Brown, recommends simply letting the hair grow in and adding highlights every few months until you reach your color goal. 

If you’re currently stuck at home, can’t make it to the hair salon and want to avoid the addition of more chemicals completely, you can opt to sport the reverse balayage—a hot new trend that will enable you to grow out your color naturally. The reverse balayage graduates from light roots to darker tips. Streeters hairstylist, Tina Outen, offers that as your blonde roots grow in the darker hair will continue to grow out at the ends, or get chopped off during a trim. And, once you have a grown out balayage, you can reclaim the look without re-adding dark dye.  By simply using hair extensions, you can keep up your reverse balayage without ever visiting a salon. 

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You may also opt for the reverse ombré while growing out your locks. This style turns the traditional ombré upside down, graduating from light on top to dark ends. This en point style will enable you to navigate your color change while looking great. 

Growing out highlightsDark Brown, Chestnut Brown, Dirty Blonde Highlights Luxy Hair Extensions

How to grow out hair colors not found in nature

If you’re the adventurous type, you may have dyed your hair a bright candy-colored hue. While lemon yellow, hot pink, or Smurf-blue locks can be fun, they get old quickly. While you may be tempted to simply erase your vibrant shade by dying over it, the results could be disastrous, especially if you had to use bleach to get your follicles to hold your color in the first place. 

It is best to call in the professionals for this one, and let the hair grow out while isolating. Once you are able to make it to a salon, with the right color extractors, they can pull out a lot of that rainbow hue, making it much easier to cover. If you have an abundance of patience, you can wait for the hair color to fade out and, then, dye your hair back to its natural hue

Growing out highlights

If you wish to grow out highlights, dye bleached hair back to its natural color, or grow out balayage, we have complete faith in your success while at home.  By formulating a plan and exercising a wee bit of patience, you can enjoy a painless transition from chemically-treated follicles to a healthy, natural head of hair. Remember, you can always give your colorist a call or schedule a FaceTime appointment for some advice on how to tackle your hair growth. Be sure to pay them for a regular consultation, however, as many hairstylists are currently out of work. There is no better time to embrace your natural hair than right now. 

Whether your natural hair is sun-soaked blonde, fiery red, or flawless mahogany, embrace the color your mane is meant to be. It’s chemical free. It’s inexpensive. And, it’s beautiful.

Written by: Kimberley Laws

Taiwanese Beauty: How SH-RD is Shining a Light on Taiwan as Asia’s Hidden Treasure

Asia has long been known as a destination for all things beauty, with brands like Shiseido, Tatcha, and Glow Recipe. Now Taiwan has given us a new ingredient that we didn’t know we needed in our lives: Deep-sea water.

What is deep-sea water?

As the name implies, it is water from the deep part of a sea or ocean. Deep-sea water is a rare and natural resource that is beginning to be utilized in a variety of Taiwanese products.

SH-RD, a Taiwanese hair-care brand, which has gained acclaim developing a line of incredibly fragrant, ultra-nourishing hair care products featuring rosemary and D-panthenol, recently launched their SH-RD Protein Cream: Gold Deluxe Edition, a luxury leave-in treatment combining actual gold leaf with deep-sea water sourced from the Eastern waters of Taiwan, along with their signature blend of rosemary and D-panthenol. The cream adds rich, organic materials to the scalp, strengthening follicles, stimulating hair growth, and leaving hair ultra-light and soft to the touch for hours.

Sh Rd.jpg


In addition to innovative product developments like the use of deep-sea water, here are some more reasons to start shopping “Made in Taiwan”:

1. The country is agriculturally rich

a. Compared to its Asian counterparts of South Korea and Japan – the country of Taiwan is very agriculturally rich. This allows for the country to use products that are grown in its backyard to produce their products.

2. The country has long manufactured your favorite brands

a. Taiwan has been no stranger to cosmetics manufacturing. It has been both formulating and manufacturing for many international beauty brands for decades. Since Taiwan has become a leader in medical technology in Asia, this has helped drive skincare brands to perfect their advanced formulations.

3. The culture is rich

a. Did you know that Taiwan was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage? Did you know Taiwan was recently ranked 8th within Asia in last year’s Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs? Taiwan is a beautifully progressive nation that has been fighting for many people’s rights and equality – a great reason to support and shop those creating products from Taiwan.

Tri-Banded Brassy Bleach & Tone to Flawless Platinum

Color corrections come in many shades and levels of complexity. For starters, the hair typically has been compromised, whether by being pushed too far, cared for incorrectly, or the service just wasn’t up to par. Whatever the origin may be, we are here for any and every kind of OLAPLEX transformation, which is exactly what Los Angeles colorist, Sara Lim @slim_color gave us with this compromised, tri-banded bleach and tone correction.

First things first, the consultation. Slim determined the client has about a 3 1/2” grow out. Before discussing any results, Slim told the client she couldn’t move forward with the correction unless the client planned to touch up her re-growth no more than 7 weeks apart. Any longer, gives a corrective line of demarcation as seen on the client.

We hope this transformation inspires you whether you’re in or behind the chair!

Here’s the process:

First things first, Leslie came in for a consultation knowing her situation was a color correction. Before any color work, she came in for an OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment. Once the treatment was applied, Slim braided her clients hair and sent her home with the Stand Alone on so she could keep it on longer and wash out once the product dried out. This period to rebuild essential bonds before her highlight appointment was crucial to the success of what was to come.

Highlight formula:

Regrowth: Redken Flashlift 30 vol + OLAPLEX No.1

Mid shaft through ends: Redken Flashlift 10 vol + OLAPLEX No.1

After rinsing Slim applied OLAPLEX No.2 as the rest of her highlights continued to process.

Shampoo using Fanola No Yellow for 5 minutes, then condition with OLAPLEX No.5.

Later, Slim towel dried and applied the diluted OLAPLEX No.1 with water and left on while she applied the root shadow.

Root: Redken Shades EQ 5NA

Slim applied OLAPLEX No.2 on the client’s ends so she could comb through her hair without the root toner coloring her ends. Pro tip!

Process for 15 minutes, then comb down the last 5 minutes.

All over gloss Redken 9nb + clear for 7 minutes.

Shampooand condition with OLAPLEX No.4 and No.5.

Cut and style by Tim Morrison @tim.morrison

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Multi Tasking At Home with OLAPLEX

At a time where most of the world is being asked to pause, there’s no better time than the present to start practicing those YouTube style tutorials you’ve been eyeing! You might want to master fishtail braids, spend more time communicating with loved ones, or be working from home. Whatever the case may be, take this time to be productive and check off that to-do list! The best part is, while you’re doing all these things, you can also use OLAPLEX to rebuild the bonds in your hair simultaneously!

Any OLAPLEX product could work to rebuild the bonds in the hair, from a Stand Alone Treatment for our beloved hairdressers staying at home, No.3 for clients, and even No.5 for a bond rebuilding conditioning treatment.

Here are some of the many ways you can keep your hair healthy and fabulous with the tasks you do at home:


A fan favorite from the likes of the Kardashians is to use OLAPLEX No.3 while working out. Apply No.3 to damp hair, comb through, and put into a bun. As exercise does induce sweating, we recommend putting a headband or bandana at the hairline to avoid any product getting into your eyes. Although OLAPLEX is non-toxic and completely safe, no one wants product in their eyes!

Working from home.

Our previous article discusses tips from Team OLAPLEX for working at home and one of them included treating your hair while you work! A couple of times a week swap a Stand Alone or No.3 for a moisture treatment with No.5. Your hair will thank you!

Organizing the house.

Okay, okay. This may not sound so fun for some, but what if you make it a ‘treat yourself’ cleaning moment? Pop a treatment on while you get your house in order, clean up, or do the laundry!

Meditation and wellness.

As you find ways to calm and center your mind, with meditation and breathing techniques, put yourself front and center by treating your hair simultaneously. It feels amazing to work on your inner self while working on your outer self. By the end, you’ll feel healthy inside and out!

Phone or video-call a friend.

Why not do an OLAPLEX treatment together! If you can’t make it to the salon, bring the salon home. You can both do a No.3 treatment for rebuilding, or a No.5 treatment for conditioning and bond rebuilding!

Online courses.

Many of you are schooling from home with online classes. Take time while working hard to let OLAPLEX do some of the work upstairs for you! Execute projects and problem solve while rebuilding bonds in your hair.

Spa Day.

Maybe you just want to relax for the day. You deserve it! Whether it’s Netflix and chill, reading, pampering, or playing board games with the family; we want to be there with you. You can go for a double whammy and rebuild the bonds in the hair with No.3, then rinse and put on a No.5 conditioning treatment! There are so many ways you can use the OLAPLEX system to get the most out of your day, more on that featured in our next post.

Whatever you’re doing while you treat your hair, we can’t wait to see your OLAPLEX journey. Use this time to watch how-to videos and practice air dry styles to keep your hair healthy! For daily bond rebuilding maintenance and moisture, reach for OLAPLEX No.6 and No.7. Both No.6 and No.7 are our secret weapon to combat bed head, which many of us could use a little help with right now. Show us your OLAPLEX at-home journey by using the hashtag #olaplexjourney on social media!

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OLAPLEX’s Tips for Working From Home

Since inception, OLAPLEX has been a team of amazing individuals who help run the company working from home. The bond our team has built within the company and our customers worldwide by working remotely has been one of the attributes we feel makes our company special. During these trying, unprecedented times, all of us are experiencing change. For many it means working from home. For those new to working remotely, this may present its own challenges. Here at OLAPLEX love it, but know that in the beginning some may feel out of balance transitioning to working remotely. It’s been over five years of us working this way, and in light of the worlds’ headlines, we thought we thought rallying together with some helpful tips for at home productivity could only help some of you during this transition. We hope they help you stay balanced, motivated, and inspired! Here we go!

Get your house in order.

As a collective, we’ve agreed that one of the biggest distractions at home is disorder, whether it be an unmade bed, dishes in the sink, or a mess on the table. A great way to promote a clear mind, is to have a clear space! Tidy up before your work day, whether the evening before or early morning before you start the work day!

Clear your mind prior to starting the work day.

Many people on our team have a morning ritual. This gives them time to start the morning each with in their own special way to start their work day feeling balanced and centered!

Some morning rituals include: coffee (well, most rituals!), no social media for the first 15 minutes of the day, meditation, exercise.

Get ready for work as if you’re leaving the house.

This tip is essential! All of us here have at one point or another started the work day in pajamas and let us tell you, there’s a big difference between staying in PJs and getting dressed. Getting ready as if we’re leaving the house and going into the office, makes for an overall better mindset. It will help you feel motivated, and ready to start the day!

Set up a workspace. 

It’s important to set up a place or two you can call your “desk”. For some it might be an area of the kitchen table, some it may be a desk, or even a counter top for those who prefer to stand! Many of us even like to designate a few spaces to change scenery during the day. The only exclusion being working from bed. Save bed for relaxation time!

Schedule breaks for yourself.

Don’t work the whole day straight! Schedule in a time for lunch, snacks, connecting with fellow team mates or friends. Call someone for 5 minutes and ask how their day is going. These little acts can give an abundance of balance into your work home life. We’re all big fans of taking 5 minute stretch breaks throughout the day, some of us even take dance breaks!

Treat yourself.

That’s right. We love a good multi-tasking moment with OLAPLEX No.3 or even OLAPLEX No.5 for a conditioning treatment. Work on a project while also working on the integrity of your hair. It’s a win win!

Set boundaries.

Have a clear start and stop time. Communicate this to your team and manager. Once you have, share with them how to contact you in an “off hour” emergency.

Stay healthy and hydrated.

It’s never too soon for a hydration check. If you’re the type who zones deep into a project, set alarms to remind yourself to check in on your wellness. Whether it’s water, a healthy meal, a supplement, or exercise.  Just because you’re home, doesn’t mean you’re home working all day, so use the “set boundaries” tip to schedule in time for wellness! It’s the most important tip!

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I tried Sugar Bear Hair for 90 days & here’s what happened

My hair and I have been through a lot. We’ve been through countless break ups and make ups—from bad haircuts, chemical cuts from over bleaching, thinning, and what feels like a lifetime of growing my hair out to recover from the trauma. 

I’ve been bleaching my fine, light brown hair since I was 14, and truly forgot what it felt like to have healthy hair. I hit a point where I looked at my hair and realized the beachy blonde I deeply adored was not worth the lifeless, dull, brittle hair I had. After years of this love-hate relationship, I just stopped. I didn’t even bother to dye my hair back to brown, or blend the harsh roots to mitigate the transition period. My hair looked super wacky for a good year, until I chopped it off and decided to start fresh.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins work

I tried everything to reach my hair goals of growing long, healthy, strong hair after this, and have often been desperate to find a quick fix. DIY hair masks, Biotin supplements, chewable vitamins, head massagers…the list goes on! I even put raw egg in my hair once as part of a DIY experiment—gross! After all these “quick fix” methods continually let me down, I’ve become the ultimate cynic on improving hair quality beyond good old patience and genetics. It’s been 18 months since I decided to embrace a natural and shorter look, and my patience greatly paid off. 

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workSugar Bear Hair Vitamins

When I began this experiment, my cynicism got the best of me and I was super excited to debunk all of the hair growth claims I’ve heard and believed time and time again. While I love chewable vitamins and the fact that Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are vegan, I was also very skeptical of the brand’s bold marketing tactics. After all, I was once a vulnerable person who fell for similar “quick fix” schemes and overpriced products. Not to mention, a little insider secret: most of the influencers who advertise hair gummy products wear hair extensions

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workBeginning of the experiment.

I don’t think there is a magic pill (or gummy) that will solve hair loss or stunted hair growth, unless there is a bigger health issue, of course. Regular trims, a healthy diet, and cutting heat and damage is the cold hard secret to this mystery. My pre-existing thoughts on Sugar Bear Hair itamins had me entering this experiment from a biased perspective, but I promised myself I’d give it a fair shot. So, do Sugar Bear Hair vitamins work? I tried them for 3 months and here’s what happened.

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December 2019: Month 1

From the first bite, I was charmed by these delicious little blue treats. The Kardashians were right about the taste, I’ll give them that. My boyfriend wanted to try them, and ended up eating 3 days worth of my supply. I had to scare him off, and got to a point myself where I Googled “Can you OD on gummy vitamins?” Turns out that consuming too many of these bad boys can actually cause some serious side effects, so I promised myself I’d stick to the recommended serving. 

I can’t really speak too much on my first month results, as the progress was minimal. I honestly noticed no difference. What I can speak to is that I found that forming a ritual geared towards loving your hair allowed me to create other healthy habits without realizing it. Consuming the gummies everyday made me feel so accountable, before I knew it I was cutting down on hair washing, embracing heatless hairstyles, and overall treating my hair with more kindness.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workMonth 1 vs Month 2.

January 2020: Month 2

I started experiencing results in the second month, yay! My skin felt extra hydrated, especially in the cold Canadian climate. I actually wasn’t expecting an improvement to my skin while eating Sugar Bear Hair vitamins so this was a nice surprise. I also noticed that my hair felt stronger, had great elasticity, a nice shine, and was holding a style really well. I definitely got a lot of compliments on how healthy my hair looked, but no one noticed a difference in length. 

Like I mentioned before, taking these vitamins made me create a healthy hair routine in other ways. I was reducing my wash time, and using heat on my hair only once every 2 weeks, which is a huge win for me. Could these awesome results have been from my entire new haircare routine as a whole, or was it the magic gummies? I’m not totally sure.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workMonth 1 vs Month 3.

February 2020: Month 3

In my third sugary month, I experienced the most promising results. I didn’t think my hair had actually grown all that much, but after comparing my Month 3 photo to Month 1, I definitely noticed a difference in length. My hair also felt and looked a lot better! I noticed more weight in my hair, and my ponytails were looking super thick compared to normal. While I’d love to credit Sugar bear hair vitamins for these improvements, it’s hard to isolate this one product in determining the end results, due to the healthy hair habits I had also created. 

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workMonth 2 vs Month 3.

So…do Sugar Bear Hair vitamins work?

I found the results to be very similar to my experiment with Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, Nails gummies. Both greatly improved my skin, influenced healthier hair habits, and gave me a boost of daily essential vitamins, with some hair growth as a bonus.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workSugar Bear Hair Vitamins

Compared to Nature’s Bounty, Sugar bear hair wins for me in the Vegan department, but Nature’s Bounty wins in terms of affordability (less than $10 USD for a month’s supply compared to Sugar bear hair’s $29.99 USD.) Both are equally yummy in my opinion, however, gelatin doesn’t bother me too much. If you want to avoid gelatin and chewables all together, you’ll be fine with a basic women’s multivitamin.

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In my opinion, when you purchase Sugar bear hair, you ultimately pay for the marketing and viral appeal. I’m sure you’ve all seen the infamous Instagram images of The Kardashian clan, Emily Ratajkowski, Vanessa Hudgens and more, nibbling on these sweet treats. It works as well as other similar products on the market, but if you give into the big bear named Sugar, you get to be part of the “cool girl (bear)” club! 

In all honesty, I would never be able to recommend a product that does the same job as a basic women’s multivitamin. Take care of yourself, treat your hair with love, take your vitamins, and always do your own research before you give in to the hype. While I’m grateful for the 20 seconds per day of deliciousness I was blessed with, I will not be ordering these again.

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Healthy foods to revive damaged hair

The first step in knowing how to fix damaged hair is knowing the root of the damage.

From coloring, to split ends, UV damage to over styling, damaged hair is caused by both our own actions and external environmental factors. Damaged hair repair also comes in a variety of treatments and products, but before adding to cart on the best-reviewed hair products, make sure you understand what your hair needs.

It is important to note that hair is technically already dead. The hair follicle is the only “living” portion of the hair. Hair that has grown out contains no biochemical activity which is science speak to say that it is considered “dead”. The root of each strand of hair is where the living cells are that produce the hair shaft and the hair we visibly see. This is why fully repairing damaged hair is so difficult – but not impossible.

The best damaged hair repair is building healthy hair habits, helping to prevent further problems. We’ve rounded up the five most common causes of damaged hair and how to fix them.

How to fix damaged hair from an unbalanced diet

A balanced diet isn’t just good for your hair, it’s just plain good for you. Specific ingredients, however, such as protein omega-3, and biotin are all essential for long, thick, healthy hair. Think whole foods, fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Not only do these provide you with great hair, but skin, digestion and heart health also. Protein is essential for luscious hair, as well as iron, Vitamin A, and C. Daily supplements can help provide you with what your diet may be missing, but be sure to check with your doctor first.

As for those supplements that promise long, luscious hair specifically, be sure to carefully read the labels and ask your health professional.

How To Fix Damaged Hair

How to fix dry damaged hair

The lack of moisture makes hair prone to breakage. Dry hair is caused when there isn’t enough natural oils or moisture being produced and this is most commonly caused by over-washing your hair. Over washing can strip your hair of the natural oils it needs for optimal moisture. So, skip the daily wash and keep it to 2 to 3 times a week if possible.

Take a good look at the shampoo and conditioners you’re using too. Look for products that contain ingredients that pack in the moisture; avocado, olive oil, and argan oil are all great for helping moisturize (and strengthen) hair. Conditioner is especially important in preventing dry hair, but also fixing damaged hair. Focus conditioner on the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair, massaging it and leaving it in a minute or two longer than your shampoo. Be sure to rinse all the product out et voilà—one dry damaged hair repair tip that doesn’t require too much.

The weather is also a big factor in causing dry hair. In the winter, the air is obviously colder but also drier than those hot summer months. These environmental factors strip the hair of natural moisture and cause further problems like static. It’s good to adjust your conditioning routine slightly in the winter months to ensure your hair is getting the moisture it needs. If you want to know how to fix dry, damaged hair in the winter, add a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment to your hair routine for healthy hair and a little dose of self-love too—you deserve it, sis.

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How to fix heat damaged hair

Oh, styling tools, how we love each and every one of you. Be it a blow dryer, hair straightener, curling iron – we all have our favorites and our go-to tools when we really want our hair style to turn heads. Yet, these amazing and useful tools are also one of the biggest causes of heat damaged hair – it’s no secret.

Do you use a heat-protectant every time you blow dry or flat iron your hair? Probably not, but it is an absolute must. Exposing hair to high heat without any protectant product creates damaged hair quicker and makes it harder to fix. Try limiting heat styling to once or twice a week and always, we repeat, always use a heat protectant serum or spray.

Another way to fix heat damaged hair? Fix the way you blow dry. It’s best to blow dry your hair after letting it air dry for a few minutes, and not when it is dripping wet. Blot your wet hair (do not rub!) with a microfiber towel if you don’t want to wait for it to air dry. If you’re using a brush when blow-drying, don’t pull too hard on the hair and look for a brush with smooth synthetic bristles for faster drying and less damage to the hair than those big, round brushes. Finally, pull the nozzle away from your head. Keeping the blow dryer about two inches away is effective in terms of drying and styling, but also much safer for your hair.

How To Fix Damaged Hair

Hair extensions are also an option to help prevent heat damage to your natural hair. With hair extensions, you can also style them pin-straight, blow them out in waves, or curl them. Alternating these styles between your natural hair and hair extensions will allow you to save your hair from heat styling damage and experiment with new looks. With clip in hair extensions like Luxy Hair, you can hang extensions from the Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier and easily style them ahead of work, going out with the girls, or a date. Having your har extensions pre-styled, saves time and your natural hair. Remember to spritz your extensions with heat protectant and keep your styling tools on low heat to help them last longer.

Coconut oil is a savior for heat damaged hair. Its makeup absorbs into the hair cuticles, helping to hydrate from the inside out. Pro tip: Use coconut oil before and after heat styling. There are many heat protectant products with coconut oil which will help preserve the hair’s natural moisture, while also providing a layer of protection. You can also use coconut oil as a mask or treatment post styling or washing. It also smells like a vacation, so why not?

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How to fix damaged hair from coloring

Whether you go for regular dye jobs or love keeping up with the latest hair color trends, chemically treating the hair does serious damage. We get it – it’s hard not to go for a little or a lot of color (mermaid hair, anyone?) but there are steps that can help reduce the amount of damage.

For those with severely over-processed hair, the only damaged hair repair may be a big chop. For others, let’s follow these steps so it doesn’t get that bad.

Stick to more natural or close to natural colors, the rule of thumb is within three shades of your natural color. This will prevent you from having to bleach or over-process to achieve drastic colors (sorry, platinum and millennial pink). There’s no other way to say this – bleaching will always damage your hair, it’s best to minimize bleaching, or not do it at all. It strips the hair of its natural melanin that gives your hair its natural pigment. Those who’ve done it know it makes your hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Bleach is usually an essential step when going from dark to light colors, but really should be done sparingly for the health of your hair.

Ditch the bleach and increase the time between dye jobs so you’re not exposing your hair to chemicals so frequently. You can help maintain your color by using hair color-specific products, washing your hair less frequently with cooler water and washing your hair less frequently.

Other common chemical treatments such as chemical straightening causes the same type of damage as coloring. Many of the same rules for dye apply—increasing the time between appointments, and also opting for safer options such as keratin straightening.

Another way to combat damage from coloring and other chemical processes is hair extensions. With a variety of colors and even styles such as ombre to choose from, wearing color-treated hair extensions saves your natural hair from damage, while giving you longer, fuller hair that looks like you just came straight from your colorist’s chair.

How To Fix Damaged Hair

How to fix damaged hair from skipping the salon chair

Let’s just put this myth to an end now. Skipping regular haircuts or trims to let your hair grow out isn’t making it any healthier – in fact it’s creating the opposite effect. According to one study, women on average get their hair cut about three times a year. Depending on your hair type and the overall health of your hair this may not be enough. Skipping regular haircuts can create split ends and eventually, those unfixable strands break off. Without regular trims hair can also become dry and look dull. If you use chemical treatments, not getting rid of the damaged hair weighs on the rest.

The best clip in hair extensions also give you longer, fuller hair you sometimes can’t achieve with natural hair. Being able to play with length and volume makes hair extensions an easy and stylish way to deal with poor growth or split ends between hair cuts. You don’t have to grow out your hair into dry, split ends to achieve length. Choose the right type of hair extensions that can help you achieve the length you want.

Let this be a friendly reminder to schedule your next cut. Regular hair appointments don’t have to be dramatic changes every time, getting frequent trims can help keep the hair healthy, avoid dry, split ends and make for hair that looks fuller, shinier, and longer.

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Other causes of damaged hair, and how to fix them

Cotton pillowcases and towels – Everyday house essentials, major culprits of damaged hair. Both fabrics cause friction in the hair, especially when you’re using the towel to (gasp) rub your hair dry. Swap out your cotton pillowcase for silk or satin ones, to protect your hair while you sleep. Bonus: They are proven to be good for your skin too. Instead of terrycloth towels, swap for microfiber and even then, blot or pat hair dry.

UV damage – Like cold air, environmental factors like sun exposure can make hair more prone to breakage. Lighter hair such as blonde or grey are also more susceptible to UV damage. Reach for sun or UV protectant product when in sunny climates and/or wear a hat if you’ll be out in the sun for a while. Consider this a great opportunity to accessory shop.

Over-styling and the wrong products – Whether it’s too much dry shampoo, blow drying or “extra hold” products, over-styling can dry out the hair and cause serious breakage and shedding. Skip or limit these products to once or twice a week and avoid over-brushing and styling to save your strands.

How To Fix Damaged Hair

Knowing how to fix damaged hair may not mean getting your hair back to 100% perfect health and that’s totally ok. But when you treat your hair right you can make it the healthiest it can be. Getting regular haircuts, limiting heat styling, chemicals, and adding healthy whole foods to your diet don’t have to happen all at once. Start with one really good hair habit and build on the rest – you’ll see a difference in how your hair looks and feels.

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

How To Choose The Best Haircut That Makes You Look Good


A makeover is something that every woman loves to have once in a while and a haircut can nail it pretty well. Yet, you need to be judicious about haircuts, particularly when you plan to try something new or drastic. A wrong choice can ruin your look for weeks or even months, depending on the speed at which your hair grows back. There are terrible haircut tales that women often have to share but some smart thinking and a little work can help you choose wisely and get a hairstyle that would win accolades. Here are some tips that can help you choose the best haircut that makes you look good and feel confident.

Do your research 

When you are contemplating a change, it is always good to do some research. Don’t just jump for a style that your friend or colleague has chosen because something that works for them may not work for you. Go through online beauty websites or talk to experts to understand a cut that would be right for your facial structure. Check out social media pages of stylists and celebrities to find what is trending and what is not. Don’t confine your research to identifying the best haircuts but also learn more about the best salons in your area. Ask for recommendations and read online reviews to find more about the experiences of real customers.

Be realistic about your hair type

Not every haircut works with every hair type and texture, so personalization is the key when it comes to the choice of the best haircut. For example, you cannot expect to have good looking bangs with curly locks. It is better to have realistic expectations about your hair type so that you don’t get disappointed with the final results. Your stylist is the best person to recommend the cuts and styles that would be the best for your hair type. They can even show you the pictures of people with the hair texture similar to yours they have styled in the past. It is always good to check real people rather than celebrities when you choose.

Choose a stylist you can trust

Finding the best salon for getting a haircut is just half the work done; you need to choose a stylist you can trust. Avoid junior staff because you may save some bucks but end up ruining your hair. Prioritize someone who is trained from a reputed hair stylist school because even the people who are fresh out of them have the right skills and expertise. Not only can you expect them to give you an amazing cut, but they will also go the extra mile to advise you about the best option. They can even suggest if you need a special hair treatment to get the perfect results after the cut.

Have a thorough consultation before you go ahead

A new haircut is always fraught with risks, more so if you have something drastic in mind. So it definitely makes sense to avoid making hasty decisions and think carefully before going ahead. Look for a salon that offers a consultation before your haircut. If you are looking for a major transformation, you can even ask for a special consultation appointment before you even let them touch your tresses. It is important that you feel absolutely confident before you get the cut. Some salons can show you the look with the help of a simulation app, which is a smart idea if you want to be sure.

Ask them to go slow

Once you have a perfect haircut in mind and the right stylist to do it for you, it is time to get started. The best approach is to ask them to go slow and this is something that seasoned stylists often do. Relax as you sit in the salon chair and convey to your stylist that you want them to move slowly as they work layer by layer. Be sure to keep an eye on the style as they move from step to step. And don’t be afraid to speak up and stop them in the middle if you don’t feel confident enough about the style. Women are often reluctant to voice their concerns only because they fear being labeled as fussy customers. But you should absolutely speak up when you are not sure. You can surely prevent a hair disaster this way!

Being a little extra smart while selecting and getting a new haircut is the best advice for women who are keen to experiment. At the same time, you should not just go for drastic changes repeatedly. Rather, look for smooth transitions that match with your age, hair type and lifestyle. Don’t just follow trends or copy celebrities blindly but stick to cuts that make you feel confident and easy. You will definitely love to carry the look!

13 ways to get hair volume that actually lasts

Does your hair lack volume? If your tresses have a habit of just lying there, completely lifeless, looking as flat-as-road-kill, you need to show them who’s boss. Thankfully, by following some easy tips, you can add some body to your limp locks, transforming them into a flowing mane filled with ample bounce and vitality.

1. Part with your part

Have you been parting your hair in the exact same spot since Ronald Reagan was in office? If so, it is time to force your follicles out of their comfort zone by relocating your part. The truth is that when you always part your hair in the same place, you are actually training it to lie flat and behave itself. By switching to the other side or even the middle, you will add instant volume and lift to your hair. 

2. Turn your world upside down

Say “goodbye” to the upright blow-dry. It’s time to hang that head upside down while blow-drying your locks. This naturally pulls your hair away from your scalp, adding volume. And with your head mere inches away from your floor, you may find some loose change or an earring you lost many moons ago. 

Hairstylist, Nathaniel Hawkins, tells Allure magazine that blasting your entire mane with cool air once it is dry will “create fullness and loosen up the blow-dry.” 

3. Layer it

When you were a kid, did your mother apply a light layer of spit to the top of your hair to tame it? If so, that was quite unfortunate. Not only did it likely make your head smell oddly like saliva, but it also left you with a flat hairdo — which wasn’t a good look then, and isn’t a good look now. 

Thankfully, you’re a big girl now and you’re in charge of your hair. An effective way to liven up your locks is to introduce layers as they decrease your hair’s weight and instantly add bounce and body. Be careful though. Too many layers or ones that are too short can leave you looking like a time traveler from the 1980s. 

 Furthermore, if you have thin hair and would like to add layers and thickness, you can opt for hair extensions and avoid the scissors completely. 

4. Master the finger curl

There is a fun way to add volume to your hair while achieving a playful style — and it doesn’t require any tools or heat. It is called the “finger girl” and simply involves mastering the art of making waves and curls by using your fingers to lightly twist or curl sections of your hair. Once you have your curls just the way you want them, simply apply some hairspray to hold the style and voila! you have a head full of body and natural-looking wave. 

Another easy way to add volume to hair is to let it dry with braids in. This will give you natural waves with little effort. 

5. Stop straightening

Pin-straight hair suits some people, but not everyone. In fact, flat and lifeless hair can add years to your face by highlighting laugh lines and crow’s feet. Instead of undertaking the laborious task of straightening your hair every day, you may want to embrace your natural wave or curl, adding beautiful bounce to your tresses. 

If you are extremely attached to your straight style, but long to add volume, you may want to try introducing hair extensions. Not only can you increase length if you desire, but you can also increase your hair’s overall volume and thickness. 

6. Borrow your grandmother’s rollers

It turns out that the little old ladies of yesteryear had the right idea. Rollers work! Whether you opt for modern hot rollers or the old-school put-them-in-before-bed variety, they are a great way to achieve soft, beautiful waves, while adding volume to your hair.  And, The Skincare Edit offers a valuable tip stating, “Rolling away from the face gives you glam Hollywood waves, while towards the face creates a more vintage, Veronica Lake effect.” Yes, your grandmother’s rollers can transform you into a Hollywood starlet.  

7. Change your hue

Did you know that hair dye actually alters the texture of your hair, roughing it up just enough to give your hair extra body? Yes, a trip to your favorite colorist can not only give you a glorious new shade, but it can also increase your hair volume.

Interestingly, when highlights are placed strategically, they can also make your hair look much more voluminous. It’s all about tricking the eye. A great way to add highlights without ever having to subject your tresses to chemicals or go back to the salon for repeated touch-ups is to introduce hair extensions of a lighter or darker hue. 

8. Bye-bye daily wash

Shampooing every day is actually bad for your hair — no matter what your shampoo bottle tells you. It leaves your hair stripped of natural oils and is particularly damaging to long hair. Instead, try to embrace your second and third days between shampoos and you will enjoy flouncy follicles that boast much greater body. And, as Aneta from Home With Aneta recommends, “embrace the 2nd and 3rd-day texture to do some messy braids or other styles that need to hold.” 

9. Know your bristles

The wrong hairbrush can unleash unspeakable damage upon your follicles, while the right one can protect your mane while stimulating growth. According to Matrix hair products, the most hair-friendly brushes have natural boar or flexible nylon bristles as your blow dryer will not cause them to overheat and they won’t catch on your hair. A brush with a cushioned base is also recommended. 

10. Get reacquainted with mousse


The giant hairdos of the 1980s have given mousse a bad rap. The fact is mousse works! Where would the Hair Metal Bands of yesterday be without the staying power of mousse to keep their hair in place during a head-banging riff? Even in the twenty-first century, mousse can give your hair, especially the roots, plumpness and fuller body. Celebrity hairstylist, Harry Josh, explains that mousse “makes your strands huge, so it looks meatier and allows for more pliability.” And, when it comes to hair volume, “meaty” strands are a good thing.

11. Try dry shampoo

It has been said that dry shampoo, not diamonds, are a girl’s best friend. Especially if that girl has fine, limp locks. Dry shampoo, by its very design, adds volume to hair. And it can also stop volume-sucking oils from building up. If you are waiting for your hair to get greasy before applying dry shampoo, however, you are doing it all wrong. By applying dry shampoo on Day 1 of the wash cycle, you will prevent oils from developing and robbing your head of much need volume. 

12. Give CBD oil a try

Healthy hair equals happy hair. And happy hair, naturally, is full of bounce and body. A great product for nourishing your strands is CBD oil. Rich in both amino acids and antioxidants, CBD oil strengthens and hydrates follicles while protecting them from free radicals, keeping your mane in tip-top shape. 

13. Sea salt spray away

If you live miles from the ocean, but long to acquire wavy beach hair, don’t lose hope. You, too, can achieve surfer waves by applying some salt spray to wet locks and scrunching them with your hands as they dry. It can even be sprayed into dry locks and scrunched for a mid-day refresh. Marc Trinder, the Art Team Director for Charles Worthington, warns, “not to overload too much into the roots, these products work best on mid-lengths to the ends.” And, don’t go too crazy with these products though as salt can be quite dehydrating. 

Saying “good riddance” to lazy, lifeless locks has never been easier. Thanks to a myriad of body-enhancing products, the ease of beautiful hair extensions, and some handy tricks-of-the-trade, even the flattest of follicles can be transformed into a voluminous mane. 


How to survive Mercury retrograde

Alas, dreaded Mercury retrograde is upon us once again. If you haven’t already heard, Mercury retrograde has a pretty awful reputation. It’s the equivalent of a Monday morning without coffee or the world’s worst traffic jam. Since Mercury is the ruler of communication and technology, when it goes into retrograde life seems to go a little crazy. If you find yourself saying the wrong thing at the worst time or getting lost four times a day, you may be getting Mercury retrograded. Keep reading to learn more about this tricky astrological time.

Mercury Retrograde

What is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon in which the planet appears to be cruising backwards from Earth in its orbit. According to astrology experts, this cosmic event is thought to mark a period of misfortune here on Earth. Everything from miscommunication issues, technology breakdowns, and financial headaches occur more frequently. If anything is out of whack in your life during this time, Mercury retrograde is probably the culprit.

In astrology, each planet is believed to have a unique influence on us and the world. Mercury rules your intelligence, mind, memory, and all forms of communication, from texting to talking. At a wider level, the planet is responsible for commerce, computers, telephones, transportation, and air travel. So during the time Mercury is in retrograde, communication of all types goes haywire. Passing information from one person to another may become confused and your mental processes are less on point. Making big decisions like moving in with a new roommate or making a long-term commitment is risky. Experts say to avoid accepting or starting a new job. If you’re traveling, you should expect last-minute delays, cancellations, and lost luggage. And that’s just the start. 

Mercury Retrograde

When is Mercury Retrograde?

This year, Mercury will be in retrograde three times. Yikes! The planet’s retrograde motion will start again on February 17 and rage on through March 10. It will also occur from June 18 to July 12 and October 14 to November 3. During these times it’s good to think about the way you operate your life so that you can avoid common problems and effects of Mercury retrograde. This also applies to your beauty routine. During retrograde, there is a lack of clarity around efforts to improve one’s appearance. If you’re thinking about trying a different hairstyle, starting a makeover or purchasing a new wardrobe, you may want to wait until Mercury goes back to normal. 

So what can you do to survive Mercury retrograde? Retrograde is the perfect opportunity to slow down and reflect on the past. You can try picking up old hobbies, reevaluating your routines, and maybe even reconsider old flames. Just don’t make any rash decisions and rock the boat during the planet’s reverse. Here are some beauty do’s and don’ts that will help you avoid the perils of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde

How to survive Mercury retrograde

1. Don’t get a new haircut

Mercury retrograde is not a good time to initiate anything—including new hairstyles. If you suddenly have the crazy urge to cut your hair into a jawline bob, don’t. Odds are you will end up with a hair disaster on your hands. Wait until retrograde is over to commit to a new look or you may need to go back to the hairdresser for some major hair repair. 

2. Revaluate your current beauty routine

The silver lining to Mercury retrograde is that it can also serve as a period of personal review. Capitalize on the energy of this unique time by thinking about your current beauty routine. Are you using the right products for your hair type? Maybe you want to add something new like a scalp scrub into your routine or switch up your shampoo and conditioner. While you don’t need to try anything new just yet, you can evaluate how well your current routine is working for you and what, if anything, you would like to change once Mercury retrograde is over. Learning how to make small adjustments to your routine can make all the difference in navigating the s**t-show that a retrograde can be.

Mercury Retrograde

3. Don’t commit to bangs

Simply, do not make any big decisions right now. Since thinking faculties are a bit off during the retrograde, it’s not a good time to make a commitment that you might regret the day Mercury stops going retrograde. Do not make a hair commitment of any kind, including chopping fresh bangs. Take a deep breath and put down the scissors until Mercury straightens itself out. 

4. Try clip-in bangs or clip-in hair extensions instead

A risk-free way to switch up your hairstyle during this inauspicious time is to add a few inches to your hair with clip-in hair extensions. Extensions are a dream addition to your hair, improving its overall density and appearance. Whether you wish to add extra volume to your roots, extreme length (hello Rapunzel), or want to see what you look like with clip-in bangs, hair extensions offer a fun and safe way to play with your look without making a permanent style change — the last thing you want to do during retrograde. 

Mercury Retrograde

5. Don’t switch up your hair color

Mercury’s backwards spin tends to make people sentimental and reminisce about the past. So if you find yourself daydreaming about the time your hair was jet black, don’t even attempt to turn this dream into a reality. Dyeing your hair during retrograde is almost always a bad idea. Most likely you will end up with patchy brown streaks in your hair, running around the supermarket searching for another box of dye to cover up your mistake, only to end up making it worse. 

6. Reflect on your hair goals

As mentioned, Mercury retrograde is prime time for reflection, reevaluating, and rethinking. This slower period means you will be able to freely contemplate your future hair goals. Want to devote more time for self-care and pampering? Or do you want to take a break from heat styling tools and spend less time getting ready in the morning? No matter what your specific hair goals are, now is the time to take a more mindful approach to any changes you want to make to your locks. Try out this 30-day challenge for a complete hair reset.

7. Don’t even think about a makeover

Just before Mercury retrograde ends, it sails past Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy. Comprehension is especially foggy and romanticized during this period, so you could easily find yourself doing a cosmic facepalm if you invest in a new wardrobe, make-up, and other makeover supplies. If you want to avoid getting Mercury retrograded, wait to make decisions that could effect your future until after the communication planet stops moving in reverse.

Mercury Retrograde

Arguably everyone’s least favorite time of year, Mercury retrograde is a time when things go topsy-turvy. While surviving this cosmic roller may seem a little scary, remember that this too shall pass. Take the time to reflect on your hair care routine, experiment with commitment-free looks with the help of hair extensions, and strategize how best to achieve your goals moving forward. Once retrograde is over, you will be able to see matters with 20/20 vision. This new knowledge will help ensure you’re making clear decisions, in your beauty routine and beyond. And remember, even if stuff does hit the fan, at least you have Mercury to blame.

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon