How To: LisaLise’s Herbal Shower Shaker Scrub

Today, I’m going to share a formula with you that is so easy peasy you can eyeball the amounts of the ingredients and still get it right.

We’re going to make an exfoliating shower shaker scrub that can be made a zillion different ways.

I know you think this is an exaggerated amount, but I counted until I got to a million and there were still endless possibilities, so I made an educated estimate about the rest.

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How to Rework a Shampoo Bar

This is all because of Nika’s inspiring question. What you’re looking at up there is shampoo bar ‘first edition’ and shampoo bar ‘second edition’.

On the left: the original shampoo bar with chamomile and calendula. On the right, the reworked shampoo bar with added herbs.

Why would we want to rework a shampoo bar? Let’s start with Nika’s question.

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Self-Preserving Cleansers – Here’s How

Happy Monday! It’s a particularly glorious Monday because of what you see pictured above.

That, my wonderful reader, is the Fresh Raspberry Cleanser – a bit of self-preserving magic that will cleanse your skin beautifully, double as a mask, and involves only the purest, beautiful, all-natural ingredients.

The magic wand is included as a symbol of the amazing capabilities natural ingredients have to offer – several of which come together in this fruity-fresh formula.

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How To: LisaLise’s Butter Ball In-Shower Lotion

The latest thing, I hear, is that a popular celeb applies her body lotion while she is in the shower.

Now, isn’t that the most amazing thing.

I happen to have developed an easy peasy in-shower lotion last year that has become quite a personal fave. If you want to know how I made the little number pictured up there, please read on.

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