Skincare For Bald Men- Designed To Be Bold 

A skincare/ shaving routine hybrid

At Skalp®, bald heads are kinda our thing. We are forever on the hunt for products and discoveries that could improve the lives of our customers in some way. That’s why, when we discovered a previous customer of ours, Lee Stafford, had developed a range of shaving and skincare products targeted specifically for bald men and those with a shaved head, we had to share.


Lee had Scalp Micropigmentation treatment with Skalp® in London way back in 2014 for his receding hairline. After falling in love with the treatment, Lee rocked the shaved head look ever since. Before long, he discovered the shaving market was lacking and struggled with finding the perfect combination of products for his hair care and shaving needs. In 2018, he decided to do something about it, and so On Top Skincare was created.


Like hair care, but for bald people…

Those in the beauty community will tell you that your face ends where your decolletage starts, and so skincare should be applied on your neck also. Well, similar could be said for those of us who are bald on top. Why should your skincare routine end where your hairline is? (Especially if you don’t have one, well a real one at least) Bald men should take extra care for the skin on their scalp. 

Lee has spent years researching and testing ingredients for the new shaving range, and it shows. Designed solely for men who are bald, have hair loss or shave their heads, the range offers premium head shaving products that will protect even the most sensitive skin. Which is why it is perfect for those with SMP.

The end result is a perfectly curated yet simple 4 step system – The Ultimate Head Shaving Kit. Each step in the system is designed to nurture your scalp whilst protecting it from the irritation a regular shaving routine can cause. 

Razor bumps, skin irritation, burns or cuts? Bye 👋🏻

The Ultimate Head Shaving Kit is formulated specifically to reduce skin irritations. There is nothing worse than having that freshly shaved feel ruined by skin rashes, razor bumps and a bad mood. Especially if you are bald and have no real hair. By using naturally derived ingredients, such as sweet almond oil, aloe vera and tea tree extract, On Top Skincare targets and reduces the negative effects of shaving your head. 

The kit contains all 4 products you will need to turn your shaving misery into a shaving miracle. The sleek box kit contains everything you need to know as well as clear instructions on how to use each product. 

Skincare for bald men!

The 4 step head-shaving kit includes pre-shave oil, shaving gel, scalp cleanser, and matt moisturizer. Sounds perfect already, right? The pre-shave oil is designed to hydrate and soften the skin before shaving. Next up is a shaving gel packed with nutrients and aloe to calm and protect the skin against razor burn. The 3rd step is a charcoal cleanser to clean and boost the scalp’s skin into top condition and the final step is a super rehydrating but (most importantly) matt moisturizer. 

skincare for bald men kit

Your SMP treatment is only as good as your scalp’s condition.

As we all know by now, keeping your scalp in top condition is not only beneficial to you and your confidence but also how your SMP treatment looks. The skin on your scalp is often neglected and we try hard to encourage clients to change this. Skincare for bald men should be a top priority as there is no hair to protect the scalp.

The On Top Skincare kit focuses on using natural ingredients with positive benefits to enhance your scalp condition and thus improving your shave as well as your results. It’s simple application and sleek packaging is an all-round bonus. We have seen nothing but a positive effect on the looks and mood of those who use it!

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How to Rework a Shampoo Bar

This is all because of Nika’s inspiring question. What you’re looking at up there is shampoo bar ‘first edition’ and shampoo bar ‘second edition’.

On the left: the original shampoo bar with chamomile and calendula. On the right, the reworked shampoo bar with added herbs.

Why would we want to rework a shampoo bar? Let’s start with Nika’s question.

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An Interview with Geraldine, Head Practitioner of Skalp Dublin!

An Interview with Skalp Dublin!

Located in the coastal town of Malahide, just north of the Republic of Ireland’s capital city, is Skalp Dublin® – another of our fantastic SMP clinics. To give you more of an insight into the passionate people that work at Skalp, we sat down with Geraldine, Head Practitioner at Skalp Dublin. Read on to find out how she got into the business of hairline tattooing and what her passions are, aside from treating hair loss!

Skalp Dublin practitioner gerry

What inspired you to become an SMP practitioner?

Before I became a practitioner, I worked in the Medical Cosmetic Industry. I became extremely interested in SMP after a friend had a failed hair transplant. My friend did his research and came across Skalp® and their SMP results proved amazing. The procedure was life-changing for my friend, it restored his lost confidence to where it was before he lost his hair. After seeing this, I decided I wanted to be a part of this growing industry with Skalp.

When did you first find out about SMP?

My friend was in his early 20’s when he started to lose his hair. After a failed hair transplant, he researched and found out about Skalp®. He then asked me for my meticulous view, which I gave, and I could not believe how natural the results were! I had to find out how and when I got involved, I wanted to do nothing more but be a part of it! Hense, Skalp Dublin!

inside skalp dublin clinic in Malahide

What is the most important part of your job?

The most important part of my job is to deliver the most natural-looking hairline for every individual client. Creating the client’s specific customised requests requires critical listening skills and taking a personal interest in the relationships. A vitally important part of my job is having the confidence to demonstrate my expertise and be willing to share my skills, technique and knowledge to create this life-changing hair loss solution.

What types of hair loss can scalp micropigmentation treat?

SMP can treat any stage of male pattern baldness as well as Androgenetic Alopecia. SMP can also camouflage any type of scaring, including scars left from previous hair transplants.

What makes Skalp® Dublin different from other scalp micropigmentation clinics?

From start to finish our clients are in the best hands. Our treatments are meticulously tailored differently for every client. We feel that’s what makes us so very different than other clinics. Skalp® Dublin is situated in the tranquil village of Malahide and is easy to get to by public transport (with plenty of car parking too). It gives customers the chance to fully relax in our luxury private clinic.

ireland costal walks

Arrange a free consultation with Geraldine at our Skalp Dublin clinic here. 

What do you do when you are not working?

I mostly relax by getting outdoors and taking walks along lovely nature trails in the parks and coastal areas. Sometimes I bring a sketchbook, be still, and appreciate all nature has to offer by just observing. I enjoy the theatre and art gallery’s and often say there should be more! Radio is my fix as I could not live without all sorts of music from up and coming artist to old-school!

Do you have any other passions?

OMG! Yes! From being still with nature to watching the fasted Road Racers and MOTO GP is what gets my adrenaline pumped. That is my secret passion!

What do you think other people should know about Skalp Dublin?

At Skalp® Dublin we feel an instinctual need to take care of the things we feel connected to, so providing a hair-loss solution is a big part of our lives. We concentrate on exceeding the expectations of our clients and delivering the most realistic results possible. Our SMP experience is extensive and covers all types of hair loss.

Can you tell me about a specific person who had SMP at Skalp Dublin?

I can tell you I have clients tell me that the SMP has changed the way they feel and even how others perceive them. I have had a client tell me they have since gone back to the sporting passions they once loved. The best part and most common is when clients don’t even give hair loss a 2nd thought anymore. We love that!

What would you say to someone considering SMP at Skalp?

I would say, do your research see the results for yourself. Get up close and personal as it is the results that help make that decision. Ciaran our consultant has SMP treatment himself so you can view our amazing results in our private luxury clinic.

At Skalp® all our practitioners give their support and experience as hair loss is a big part of our lives too. Your Skalp practitioner can answer all your questions so call to arrange a Free Consultation and meet the team today!

See more of our fantastic reviews on google here. 

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I tried Sugar Bear Hair for 90 days & here’s what happened

My hair and I have been through a lot. We’ve been through countless break ups and make ups—from bad haircuts, chemical cuts from over bleaching, thinning, and what feels like a lifetime of growing my hair out to recover from the trauma. 

I’ve been bleaching my fine, light brown hair since I was 14, and truly forgot what it felt like to have healthy hair. I hit a point where I looked at my hair and realized the beachy blonde I deeply adored was not worth the lifeless, dull, brittle hair I had. After years of this love-hate relationship, I just stopped. I didn’t even bother to dye my hair back to brown, or blend the harsh roots to mitigate the transition period. My hair looked super wacky for a good year, until I chopped it off and decided to start fresh.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins work

I tried everything to reach my hair goals of growing long, healthy, strong hair after this, and have often been desperate to find a quick fix. DIY hair masks, Biotin supplements, chewable vitamins, head massagers…the list goes on! I even put raw egg in my hair once as part of a DIY experiment—gross! After all these “quick fix” methods continually let me down, I’ve become the ultimate cynic on improving hair quality beyond good old patience and genetics. It’s been 18 months since I decided to embrace a natural and shorter look, and my patience greatly paid off. 

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workSugar Bear Hair Vitamins

When I began this experiment, my cynicism got the best of me and I was super excited to debunk all of the hair growth claims I’ve heard and believed time and time again. While I love chewable vitamins and the fact that Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are vegan, I was also very skeptical of the brand’s bold marketing tactics. After all, I was once a vulnerable person who fell for similar “quick fix” schemes and overpriced products. Not to mention, a little insider secret: most of the influencers who advertise hair gummy products wear hair extensions

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workBeginning of the experiment.

I don’t think there is a magic pill (or gummy) that will solve hair loss or stunted hair growth, unless there is a bigger health issue, of course. Regular trims, a healthy diet, and cutting heat and damage is the cold hard secret to this mystery. My pre-existing thoughts on Sugar Bear Hair itamins had me entering this experiment from a biased perspective, but I promised myself I’d give it a fair shot. So, do Sugar Bear Hair vitamins work? I tried them for 3 months and here’s what happened.

[article handle=”instagram-hair-products”]

December 2019: Month 1

From the first bite, I was charmed by these delicious little blue treats. The Kardashians were right about the taste, I’ll give them that. My boyfriend wanted to try them, and ended up eating 3 days worth of my supply. I had to scare him off, and got to a point myself where I Googled “Can you OD on gummy vitamins?” Turns out that consuming too many of these bad boys can actually cause some serious side effects, so I promised myself I’d stick to the recommended serving. 

I can’t really speak too much on my first month results, as the progress was minimal. I honestly noticed no difference. What I can speak to is that I found that forming a ritual geared towards loving your hair allowed me to create other healthy habits without realizing it. Consuming the gummies everyday made me feel so accountable, before I knew it I was cutting down on hair washing, embracing heatless hairstyles, and overall treating my hair with more kindness.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workMonth 1 vs Month 2.

January 2020: Month 2

I started experiencing results in the second month, yay! My skin felt extra hydrated, especially in the cold Canadian climate. I actually wasn’t expecting an improvement to my skin while eating Sugar Bear Hair vitamins so this was a nice surprise. I also noticed that my hair felt stronger, had great elasticity, a nice shine, and was holding a style really well. I definitely got a lot of compliments on how healthy my hair looked, but no one noticed a difference in length. 

Like I mentioned before, taking these vitamins made me create a healthy hair routine in other ways. I was reducing my wash time, and using heat on my hair only once every 2 weeks, which is a huge win for me. Could these awesome results have been from my entire new haircare routine as a whole, or was it the magic gummies? I’m not totally sure.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workMonth 1 vs Month 3.

February 2020: Month 3

In my third sugary month, I experienced the most promising results. I didn’t think my hair had actually grown all that much, but after comparing my Month 3 photo to Month 1, I definitely noticed a difference in length. My hair also felt and looked a lot better! I noticed more weight in my hair, and my ponytails were looking super thick compared to normal. While I’d love to credit Sugar bear hair vitamins for these improvements, it’s hard to isolate this one product in determining the end results, due to the healthy hair habits I had also created. 

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workMonth 2 vs Month 3.

So…do Sugar Bear Hair vitamins work?

I found the results to be very similar to my experiment with Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, Nails gummies. Both greatly improved my skin, influenced healthier hair habits, and gave me a boost of daily essential vitamins, with some hair growth as a bonus.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workSugar Bear Hair Vitamins

Compared to Nature’s Bounty, Sugar bear hair wins for me in the Vegan department, but Nature’s Bounty wins in terms of affordability (less than $10 USD for a month’s supply compared to Sugar bear hair’s $29.99 USD.) Both are equally yummy in my opinion, however, gelatin doesn’t bother me too much. If you want to avoid gelatin and chewables all together, you’ll be fine with a basic women’s multivitamin.

[article handle=”how-to-get-healthy-hair”]

In my opinion, when you purchase Sugar bear hair, you ultimately pay for the marketing and viral appeal. I’m sure you’ve all seen the infamous Instagram images of The Kardashian clan, Emily Ratajkowski, Vanessa Hudgens and more, nibbling on these sweet treats. It works as well as other similar products on the market, but if you give into the big bear named Sugar, you get to be part of the “cool girl (bear)” club! 

In all honesty, I would never be able to recommend a product that does the same job as a basic women’s multivitamin. Take care of yourself, treat your hair with love, take your vitamins, and always do your own research before you give in to the hype. While I’m grateful for the 20 seconds per day of deliciousness I was blessed with, I will not be ordering these again.

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Healthy foods to revive damaged hair

The first step in knowing how to fix damaged hair is knowing the root of the damage.

From coloring, to split ends, UV damage to over styling, damaged hair is caused by both our own actions and external environmental factors. Damaged hair repair also comes in a variety of treatments and products, but before adding to cart on the best-reviewed hair products, make sure you understand what your hair needs.

It is important to note that hair is technically already dead. The hair follicle is the only “living” portion of the hair. Hair that has grown out contains no biochemical activity which is science speak to say that it is considered “dead”. The root of each strand of hair is where the living cells are that produce the hair shaft and the hair we visibly see. This is why fully repairing damaged hair is so difficult – but not impossible.

The best damaged hair repair is building healthy hair habits, helping to prevent further problems. We’ve rounded up the five most common causes of damaged hair and how to fix them.

How to fix damaged hair from an unbalanced diet

A balanced diet isn’t just good for your hair, it’s just plain good for you. Specific ingredients, however, such as protein omega-3, and biotin are all essential for long, thick, healthy hair. Think whole foods, fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Not only do these provide you with great hair, but skin, digestion and heart health also. Protein is essential for luscious hair, as well as iron, Vitamin A, and C. Daily supplements can help provide you with what your diet may be missing, but be sure to check with your doctor first.

As for those supplements that promise long, luscious hair specifically, be sure to carefully read the labels and ask your health professional.

How To Fix Damaged Hair

How to fix dry damaged hair

The lack of moisture makes hair prone to breakage. Dry hair is caused when there isn’t enough natural oils or moisture being produced and this is most commonly caused by over-washing your hair. Over washing can strip your hair of the natural oils it needs for optimal moisture. So, skip the daily wash and keep it to 2 to 3 times a week if possible.

Take a good look at the shampoo and conditioners you’re using too. Look for products that contain ingredients that pack in the moisture; avocado, olive oil, and argan oil are all great for helping moisturize (and strengthen) hair. Conditioner is especially important in preventing dry hair, but also fixing damaged hair. Focus conditioner on the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair, massaging it and leaving it in a minute or two longer than your shampoo. Be sure to rinse all the product out et voilà—one dry damaged hair repair tip that doesn’t require too much.

The weather is also a big factor in causing dry hair. In the winter, the air is obviously colder but also drier than those hot summer months. These environmental factors strip the hair of natural moisture and cause further problems like static. It’s good to adjust your conditioning routine slightly in the winter months to ensure your hair is getting the moisture it needs. If you want to know how to fix dry, damaged hair in the winter, add a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment to your hair routine for healthy hair and a little dose of self-love too—you deserve it, sis.

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How to fix heat damaged hair

Oh, styling tools, how we love each and every one of you. Be it a blow dryer, hair straightener, curling iron – we all have our favorites and our go-to tools when we really want our hair style to turn heads. Yet, these amazing and useful tools are also one of the biggest causes of heat damaged hair – it’s no secret.

Do you use a heat-protectant every time you blow dry or flat iron your hair? Probably not, but it is an absolute must. Exposing hair to high heat without any protectant product creates damaged hair quicker and makes it harder to fix. Try limiting heat styling to once or twice a week and always, we repeat, always use a heat protectant serum or spray.

Another way to fix heat damaged hair? Fix the way you blow dry. It’s best to blow dry your hair after letting it air dry for a few minutes, and not when it is dripping wet. Blot your wet hair (do not rub!) with a microfiber towel if you don’t want to wait for it to air dry. If you’re using a brush when blow-drying, don’t pull too hard on the hair and look for a brush with smooth synthetic bristles for faster drying and less damage to the hair than those big, round brushes. Finally, pull the nozzle away from your head. Keeping the blow dryer about two inches away is effective in terms of drying and styling, but also much safer for your hair.

How To Fix Damaged Hair

Hair extensions are also an option to help prevent heat damage to your natural hair. With hair extensions, you can also style them pin-straight, blow them out in waves, or curl them. Alternating these styles between your natural hair and hair extensions will allow you to save your hair from heat styling damage and experiment with new looks. With clip in hair extensions like Luxy Hair, you can hang extensions from the Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier and easily style them ahead of work, going out with the girls, or a date. Having your har extensions pre-styled, saves time and your natural hair. Remember to spritz your extensions with heat protectant and keep your styling tools on low heat to help them last longer.

Coconut oil is a savior for heat damaged hair. Its makeup absorbs into the hair cuticles, helping to hydrate from the inside out. Pro tip: Use coconut oil before and after heat styling. There are many heat protectant products with coconut oil which will help preserve the hair’s natural moisture, while also providing a layer of protection. You can also use coconut oil as a mask or treatment post styling or washing. It also smells like a vacation, so why not?

[article handle=”argan-oil-for-hair-growth”]

How to fix damaged hair from coloring

Whether you go for regular dye jobs or love keeping up with the latest hair color trends, chemically treating the hair does serious damage. We get it – it’s hard not to go for a little or a lot of color (mermaid hair, anyone?) but there are steps that can help reduce the amount of damage.

For those with severely over-processed hair, the only damaged hair repair may be a big chop. For others, let’s follow these steps so it doesn’t get that bad.

Stick to more natural or close to natural colors, the rule of thumb is within three shades of your natural color. This will prevent you from having to bleach or over-process to achieve drastic colors (sorry, platinum and millennial pink). There’s no other way to say this – bleaching will always damage your hair, it’s best to minimize bleaching, or not do it at all. It strips the hair of its natural melanin that gives your hair its natural pigment. Those who’ve done it know it makes your hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Bleach is usually an essential step when going from dark to light colors, but really should be done sparingly for the health of your hair.

Ditch the bleach and increase the time between dye jobs so you’re not exposing your hair to chemicals so frequently. You can help maintain your color by using hair color-specific products, washing your hair less frequently with cooler water and washing your hair less frequently.

Other common chemical treatments such as chemical straightening causes the same type of damage as coloring. Many of the same rules for dye apply—increasing the time between appointments, and also opting for safer options such as keratin straightening.

Another way to combat damage from coloring and other chemical processes is hair extensions. With a variety of colors and even styles such as ombre to choose from, wearing color-treated hair extensions saves your natural hair from damage, while giving you longer, fuller hair that looks like you just came straight from your colorist’s chair.

How To Fix Damaged Hair

How to fix damaged hair from skipping the salon chair

Let’s just put this myth to an end now. Skipping regular haircuts or trims to let your hair grow out isn’t making it any healthier – in fact it’s creating the opposite effect. According to one study, women on average get their hair cut about three times a year. Depending on your hair type and the overall health of your hair this may not be enough. Skipping regular haircuts can create split ends and eventually, those unfixable strands break off. Without regular trims hair can also become dry and look dull. If you use chemical treatments, not getting rid of the damaged hair weighs on the rest.

The best clip in hair extensions also give you longer, fuller hair you sometimes can’t achieve with natural hair. Being able to play with length and volume makes hair extensions an easy and stylish way to deal with poor growth or split ends between hair cuts. You don’t have to grow out your hair into dry, split ends to achieve length. Choose the right type of hair extensions that can help you achieve the length you want.

Let this be a friendly reminder to schedule your next cut. Regular hair appointments don’t have to be dramatic changes every time, getting frequent trims can help keep the hair healthy, avoid dry, split ends and make for hair that looks fuller, shinier, and longer.

[article handle=”dry-thin-frizzy-curly-best-shampoo-for-all-hair-types”]

Other causes of damaged hair, and how to fix them

Cotton pillowcases and towels – Everyday house essentials, major culprits of damaged hair. Both fabrics cause friction in the hair, especially when you’re using the towel to (gasp) rub your hair dry. Swap out your cotton pillowcase for silk or satin ones, to protect your hair while you sleep. Bonus: They are proven to be good for your skin too. Instead of terrycloth towels, swap for microfiber and even then, blot or pat hair dry.

UV damage – Like cold air, environmental factors like sun exposure can make hair more prone to breakage. Lighter hair such as blonde or grey are also more susceptible to UV damage. Reach for sun or UV protectant product when in sunny climates and/or wear a hat if you’ll be out in the sun for a while. Consider this a great opportunity to accessory shop.

Over-styling and the wrong products – Whether it’s too much dry shampoo, blow drying or “extra hold” products, over-styling can dry out the hair and cause serious breakage and shedding. Skip or limit these products to once or twice a week and avoid over-brushing and styling to save your strands.

How To Fix Damaged Hair

Knowing how to fix damaged hair may not mean getting your hair back to 100% perfect health and that’s totally ok. But when you treat your hair right you can make it the healthiest it can be. Getting regular haircuts, limiting heat styling, chemicals, and adding healthy whole foods to your diet don’t have to happen all at once. Start with one really good hair habit and build on the rest – you’ll see a difference in how your hair looks and feels.

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

Skalp Featured on US Talkshow The Doctors

Scalp Micropigmentation hair loss tattoo featured on The Doctors!

As more people begin to discover that using all the serums, creams, shampoos and hair transplants in the world cannot reverse or restore hair loss, the services provided by Skalp are becoming more widely known.

This has seen us mentioned more frequently on prime-time TV shows ( yes Bill Maher we’re looking at you ). More recently we also featured on The Doctors daytime talk show.

skalp hair loss tattoo on the doctors show

Introducing Skalp’s hair restoration service

The Dr. Phil’s popular show (Dr. Phil also produces The Doctors) has been on air since 2008. And with every passing year it has continued to grow in popularity.

In an episode released in October 2019, the video opens with a startling statistic. As much as two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 35. By age 50, it is estimated that as many as 80% of men will have significantly thinning hair.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork then went on to introduce Skalp. He spoke about the amazing scalp micropigmentation ( aka the hair loss tattoo ) services we provide to customers right across America.

Stork explained how the service works: We apply natural pigments to the scalp with an electric tattoo device to replicate the appearance of hair follicles. Once completed, it offers a realistic look of a full shaved hairline right across the scalp.

Stork was very positive, saying he liked how it looked. Co-presenter, obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Nita Landry, said she was also impressed and compared it to a hairline version of microblading which women get for their eyebrows.

Fellow co-presenter Dr. Andrew Ordon also liked the look of the technology, saying the results looked very real.

See our full results gallery here.

Dr. Ordon went on to say that it will require a top-up after a few years. This is true, but on average it is usually around 5 years before customers are required to return. Although this can vary from person to person.

Dr. Landry asked both of her co-presenters if they would consider using the treatment if they were losing their hair and both said yes without hesitation.

Watch the full clip of Skalp® hair loss tattoo treatment being shown on ‘The Doctors’ below.

Where is Skalp treatment available?

We are always looking to expand our availability to customers. And thanks to TV shows like The Doctors, we are helping more men deal with their hair loss than ever before. The hair loss tattoo is quickly becoming the number 1 hair loss solution to male pattern baldness and its great to see The Doctors to recognize this also.

Currently, we have clinics open for business in New York and Los Angeles.

This is in addition to London and Manchester in the UK and Edinburgh in Scotland. We also have clinics in Dublin, Ireland, Marbella, Spain, Milan, Italy and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Skalp on The Doctors Tv Show

How can I found out more about Skalp?

You can get in contact today with our New York Skalp clinic by calling: 855-752-5787 or by emailing

You can reach our Los Angeles Skalp clinic on 323-400-3595 or by emailing

We offer free consultations to all customers, so we can discuss the options available to you. You also have the chance to take a tour of the clinic so you can see the equipment and ask any questions you may have about the treatment.

Our service involves non-evasive surgery and is completely safe. All of our practitioners have used the treatment themselves, which means they are able to answer any questions you have from first-hand experience.

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Self-Preserving Cleansers – Here’s How

Happy Monday! It’s a particularly glorious Monday because of what you see pictured above.

That, my wonderful reader, is the Fresh Raspberry Cleanser – a bit of self-preserving magic that will cleanse your skin beautifully, double as a mask, and involves only the purest, beautiful, all-natural ingredients.

The magic wand is included as a symbol of the amazing capabilities natural ingredients have to offer – several of which come together in this fruity-fresh formula.

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