Happy National OLAPLEX Day!

Happy first-ever National OLAPLEX Day! No, seriously, it’s a thing. June 25th marks the inception of OLAPLEX and the celebration each year for the way it revolutionized the hair industry. Six years ago, Dr. Craig Hawker invented OLAPLEX in his garage in Santa Barbara after approached by OLAPLEX founder Dean Christal to invent the holy grail of hair, rebuilding bonds. Since that day, we’ve taken the hair industry, where even the concept of a bond builder was nonexistent, entirely by storm. We could not have done this without your support!

OLAPLEX is a patented ingredient that rebuilds broken disulfide bonds in the hair. The ingredient is called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. It rebuilds broken disulfide bonds by relinking them back together. OLAPLEX’s patent makes it the only product that rebuilds bonds in the hair. We take pride in changing the game and look back at the many ways OLAPLEX has continued to elevate the careers of hair professionals across the globe and of clientele.

The transformations:

Since inception, we’ve made it our mission to support the stylists and colorists out there who gave us their trust in trying OLAPLEX on themselves and their clients. We started this revolution by sharing their work on OLAPLEX Instagram, which we found via tags or their use of #olaplex. Colorists were performing transformations they never thought possible! From compromised color corrections to healthy platinum blondes, and healing years of thermal and chemical styling; OLAPLEX continues to help hair professionals push the envelope.

We’ve had the honor of keeping healthy hair on the heads of our favorite A-list celebrities, from changing their color for roles in film and TV to gracing the red carpet. We thank Hollywood and our amazing OLAPLEX Ambassadors Tracey Cunningham, Justin Anderson, Chad Kenyon, Bianca Hillier, and Guy Tang for trusting in us! We can’t forget about all the musicians out there, rocking their healthy hair on tour, in music videos, and on their album covers.

We attribute the success of OLAPLEX to the trust the hair community has in us. With OLAPLEX, we’ve been confident since day one that we can change the game for you and your clients, and with your support, we continue to do just that. According to salon owner, April Garcia, of Studio B in Olympia, WA, her team’s baseline up-charge for OLAPLEX in their client’s services is 15%. In US dollars, this would garner $1,158––that’s $960 profit after the Salon Intro Kit investment of $198! In addition to the profit of just one Salon Intro Kit, hair professionals who use OLAPLEX see a spike in new clientele by merely using the product.

Clients have been doing their homework, and they want healthy hair. Thousands of clients use the Salon Locator on OLAPLEX.com to search for professional OLAPLEX Users in their area. The Salon Locator is a free, effortless tool we have for the ease of clients and to further aid the stylist in gaining new clients. Most of all, client retention peaks when they feel their needs are met above and beyond with healthy hair. It is our great honor to help hair professionals worldwide push the envelope to make the world OLAPLEX Strong!

OLAPLEX Day marks the innovative discovery of OALPELX that revolutionized the hair industry for the better and the community we have built because of it. We are so excited to celebrate with you all and share memories and moments from inside the OLAPLEX team on @olaplex social!

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DIY: Hair Highlights at Home

hair highlights at home

It’s finally summer, which means we are craving the sun-kissed look of hair highlights. Whether you’re avoiding leaving the house and just want to save a little extra money, here’s our guide to hair highlights at home. How to Highlight Hair at Home Hair Highlights at Home Method #1: Lemon Juice Traditional salon highlights are […]

We tried the viral rice water hair rinse…here’s what happened

You may have recently heard about Kim Kardashian’s secret to long, healthy, thick hair, shared on sister Kourtney Kardashian’s blog Poosh a couple of months ago. No, it’s not hair extensions (although they are the quickest, easiest way to achieve long, full hair). It’s rice water—a simple DIY concoction that many swear by for its lustrous effects.

Rice water for hair

According to Poosh, many Eastern countries use rice for its “healing and nourishing perks” with rice water even being touted for its beauty benefits on facial skin like more radiance, eliminating acne, soothing irritated skin, and fading ageing spots. But how does the humble grain fare when it comes to hair?

I decided to test out this hair rinse myself, to reignite my dry, dull hair with Kardashian level shine and glamour. Because I have thick, wavy, coarse hair, it has always been difficult to figure out a hair care routine and specific products that enhance my natural wave while adding softness and shine. It’s a struggle most women with my hair type will understand, so I was eager to try out a rice water rinse and hopefully find the new holy grail to my hair care routine. Let me tell you…the results were surprisingly impressive!

Rice water for hair

How to make rice water for hair

The process of making and using a rice water rinse is simple and can be done in six steps:

Step 1

Rice water for hair

Gather a bowl, organic uncooked rice, and water. You can use any sort of rice (white, brown, jasmine, basmati etc.) as long as it is organic. I used organic brown rice.

Step 2

Rice water for hair

Rinse the uncooked rice, and drain. Then, add the clean rice to a bowl with 1-1 1/2 cups of water. Let it sit for at least an hour, up to 24 hours. For this experiment, I let the rice sit overnight for about 12 hours.

Step 3

Strain the rice and save the water. You can actually save the rice for cooking as well. In fact, some studies have shown that eating soaked rice is healthier, reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Step 4

Wash your hair with shampoo, and rinse as normal.

Step 5

Take the rice water and massage it into your hair and scalp. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes to an hour. If you have thick hair like me, you may end up using all of it in one go, however, those with thinner hair may be able to get away with using half of the water and saving the rest in the fridge for next time (or for washing your face later). I left the rice water rinse in for about half an hour before washing off.

Rice water for hair

Step 6

Rinse your hair again, and admire!

Rice water for hair

Does rice water for hair work?

After using the rice water to rinse out my hair for one week (two hair washes), I did find that my wave pattern had a lovely, more pronounced flow when air dried that I would usually have to add product to achieve. My hair also felt fuller with more body, with a beautiful, almost fluffy texture. Because I have thick hair, I usually struggle with my hair feeling weighed down, and find it difficult to achieve a light, airy texture. I also work out everyday so while the rice water effects didn’t last post-workout due to me being a sweaty mess, I could see the effects continuing to last until at least a day or two after washing. With long term use, I would hope that my hair would behave this way until the next wash. I did not notice any change in length (it had only been one week after all), however, this is touted as one of the immense benefits of a rice water rinse and I could see how my hair could grow faster upon regular, continued use. All in all, the results are positive, so get stocking up on that rice!

Rice water for hair

So…why does rice water have such great beauty benefits?

Because rice grains have a high starch content (70-80%) and are packed with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this goodness saturates the water when soaked. When massaged into your hair and scalp, these ingredients pack a potent punch of healthy and moisturizing properties seeping into the hair and. The starch from the rice coats hair strands, giving the hair a thickening effect. This starchy coating can also be attributed for the extra body, shine, and de-frizzing effect that your hair will get after using the rice water rinse.

If you have color treated hair that is dull, dry, and brittle, rice water may be your ticket to healthier hair, as it also reduces friction, promotes elasticity, and closes the outer cuticle, leading to shinier, smoother hair.

As for hair growth? Any treatment stimulates blood flow to the scalp and clarifies dirt and buildup will eventually lead to longer hair. Whether it’s a rice water rinse or scalp scrub, healthy hair begins at the scalp.

Rice water for hair

Other tips

Although the magical properties of rice water seem endless, there is one thing to look out for. Be sure to rinse off the rice water thoroughly, and not to overdue it, as the abundance of protein in the water may actually dry out your hair if not enough moisture is provided. Begin by only using the rice water twice a week and monitoring how your hair feels. If it’s still feeling dry, cut down usage to once a week and add conditioner before the rice water for extra moisture. Increase usage slowly, until you find the right balance for your hair.

Fermenting the rice water may provide even more nutritional benefits to your hair. To do this simply follow the instructions above, then leave the water out for another 24-48 hours to ferment and use as normal.

More DIY healthy hair tips

We love DIY because this is the chemical-free, natural way to care for your hair.

DIY biotin shake for healthy hair

DIY hair repairing coconut mask

DIY hair masks to try at home

Air Dried Natural Styling

Summer is calling; it’s saying to put down the heat tools. This season, the only heat you’ll need is from the sun! Natural hairstyles are increasingly moving their way up in popularity. From natural textures in all their glory to braided looks galore, styling your hair with just a bit of product and mechanical tools can decrease it’s exposure to damage. We’re not saying to ditch your iron altogether! Without a doubt, some occasions call for the iron, perhaps a sleek look or voluminous curls. Knowing you have a healthy head of hair because you’re reducing its exposure to damage will give you peace of mind.

So, where do you begin? For some of us, the only hairstyles that come naturally are wearing it loose, in a ponytail, or half up half down. All of these are terrific styles to experiment with and utilize! Have fun getting to know your natural texture and the many ways it looks best worn.

In addition to air-dried natural styles, the OLAPLEX at-home care system will elevate the integrity of your hair as you rock the looks. Use OLAPLEX No.6 Bond Smoother as a leave-in bond rebuilder and No.7 Bonding Oil for superior shine, bond maintenance, and heat protection. With just a little help from No.6 and No.7, you can amplify your air-dried styles while rebuilding bonds! The heat protection of No.7 is up to 450º and essential for the harsh effects of the sun on the hair. Styling your hair without heat tools isn’t merely a time-saver to add a little effortlessness to your summer months; it’s a sure way to greet the next season with significantly less damage. Typically, by the Fall, our hair is more brittle, dry, and lightened, causing damage to the hair. By adopting natural styles not only in the summer but year-round, you allow the hair the opportunity for rest and close to uninterrupted healing with routine OLAPLEX No.3 treatments.

There’s something about the ability to let your hair down and feel confident without any other steps needed. We’re talking no hair ties, no bobby pins, free your natural texture like these hair goddesses:

The half up half down style has evolved over the years. We love this modern take on the look that adds height to the crown and extra layers without the chop!

Braids are always a win, as they’re incredibly versatile and can elevate a look with their technique. There are hundreds of styles you can learn and develop just by braiding. Ones we might add that lend panache to even the fussiest of hair days. We love this modern take on a french braid:

Need a tad more oomph? When looking for a bit of adornment, seek the aid of flowers, clips, ribbons, and bands to add a whimsical touch to your mane:

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Inclusive at Our Very Core

The mission here at OLAPLEX is simple; every person, no matter their hair type, should have healthy hair. ‘Every person’ extends beyond their hair type, from coily curls to straight hair and processed hair to natural. Though essential, healthy hair means more to us than having a beautiful, resilient, substantial mane. Healthy hair evokes confidence and wellbeing in the person; qualities derived from the intention and time devoted to wellness from the top down. We are committed to providing products and platforms to ensure all communities can benefit from OLAPLEX. From Black Indigenous People of Color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, or questioning to anyone in-between. At OLAPLEX, we are inclusive at our very core, and it is our mission to cultivate and nurture this space for our extended family.

This Pride Month, we celebrate the LGBTQ community, and steadfastly continue to amplify BIPOC voices. For a moment, we remember our humble beginnings, when the OLAPLEX formula came to life inside of a garage. A moment so fast and modest that has led to millions of uses worldwide, over 1.7 million followers strong on Instagram alone, and healthier hair for every user. With immense gratitude, we take great pride in knowing the LGBTQ and BIPOC community helped us build this. Without their support, we wouldn’t have the diverse, vibrant, colorful OLAPLEX family we have today five years later.

It is this month we remind our community every day is a celebration of what makes us unique. We are proud to be a diverse, inclusive company comprised of BIPOC, LGBTQ, and the people that stand by them and uplift their voices. Throughout Pride Month and beyond, we will focus on helping these communities we love grow as they have helped us do. Social media houses millions in these communities, meaning there is always a fresh, inspiring person to follow, waiting on the other side. Sometimes, it just takes a little searching, and on that front, we’re happy to help you navigate these creators! Please keep your eyes peeled on our social media and blog as we share the talented BIPOC LGBTQ lives that inspire us.

OLAPLEX is for every service; it is for every salon, every hairstylist, every customer, period. We promote diversity, inclusivity, and the differences that make every person distinctively them. We also encourage the hair industry to do the same! Here are some ideas on how, as a community, we can use our platforms to promote diversity and amplify BIPOC LGBTQ voices:

  • Count your platforms, whether they’re email, Instagram, Facebook, a blog, a storefront, Twitter, Pinterest, or other. Strategize ways you can use each of them to further the narrative of BIPOC LGBTQ communities.
  • Focus on building an inclusive community on each of your platforms, promoting engaging, positive conversation.
  • Consider commissioning graphic design from designers in the BIPOC LGBTQ community to elevate the aesthetic of your message.
  • Seek out BIPOC LGBTQ creators and use your platform to put them in front of new audiences.
  • Use the power of your platform to provide resources that help amplify the causes and voices of these communities.

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How do you feel when you have gorgeous hair?

You’re gorgeous, your hair is amazing, and you’re ready for anything. There’s nothing quite like the confidence a stunning hair moment gives you. Whether it’s in the salon chair (soon enough again!), after completing an epic style that took you hours of YouTubing, or giving yourself a spa day at home with hair treatments and masks. One of my favorite feelings is post shower in the morning where I do the most with very little. Here’s what I mean; I work with my natural texture and use small amounts of OLAPLEX No.6 and OLAPLEX No.7 to style, I do my natural skincare routine, and I eat a fresh nutritious breakfast and conquer my day feeling healthy inside and out.

Sometimes all it takes is a really good hair day to make you feel like anything is possible. For many, we are adapting to find new ways to get that post-salon glow at home. This may mean learning new styles like different braids and updos, or learning how to master perfect edges with your baby hairs. I recently spent 2 hours learning how to cornrow on YouTube. I prepped my hair with OLAPLEX No.3, No.6, and No.7 so my hair could be nice and treated while damp in braids. Although my two hour attempt wasn’t successful (yet!), I did come up with a quirky half up half down braid and got a solid OLAPLEX treatment out of my new look. Part of the fun is knowing not everything is going to turn out perfect, but the feeling it gives you, much like how OLAPLEX rebuilds works from the inside out, makes me feel confident and beautiful.

Do you take note of how you feel when you’re having a good hair day? Do you feel its affects on your mood and confidence? Do you notice your selfie count grow higher on those days? I do and I have to say, I don’t have scientific evidence to back this up, but my research shows when I look good, I feel good. Some days, it takes extra work to look good, and there are definitely days I have bedhead all day and that’s okay too. At a time where everything feels a bit uncertain, what I can make sure of is I’m doing the best to honor myself and feel good. Even if it’s just sprucing up my bedhead with OLAPLEX No.7 Bonding Oil, a little shine and bonding goes a long way!
A combo I’ve been loving is rotating treatments throughout the weeks. For instance, on week one, I’ll devote it to one No.3 treatment with 2-3 washes throughout the week, always styling with No.6 and No.7 after a wash. Then the following week, I’ll do a double treatment with No.3 and No.5 as a conditioning treatment, then follow with No.6 and No.7. I do almost no thermal styling, but once a week to switch it up I’ll mess around with a different styling tutorial and it does wonders to elevate my mood and confidence!

Are you on a hair journey? Is your hair compromised in some way making you feel a bit lackluster? I used to have really fried hair that kept me from doing some things or had me wearing certain styles to hide the damage. Now, OLAPLEX won’t cure your compromised hair overnight, but it certainly will over time. Do little things that create big change like 2-3 OLAPLEX No.3 treatments a week using and experiment with natural hair styles. This means no heat on your hair, giving you the opportunity to rock several ‘dos while treating your hair and feeling fresh!

There will always be good and bad hair days, some days we’ll choose to stay in bedhead, and others we’ll go all out. Some days are just like doing exercise, we know we should do it and that we will feel amazing afterwards, but it’s getting started that is the hard part. Well, just like fitness, you’ll never regret the a good hair day. You feeling amazing is always worth it.

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